Illegal alien ‘monster’ accused of raping, killing mom of 5 – sheriff has stinging message for Biden, DC

The alleged vicious rapist and killer of a mother of five has been apprehended and he’s an illegal alien with a history of violence.

On August 6, 2023, the nude and battered body of 37-year-old Rachel Morin was found along the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail in Harford County, Maryland where she went for a run from which she never returned.

Morin had been raped and brutalized so horrifically, that “it looked like her head had been smashed in with a rock,” family members said.

Now her killer has finally been captured after DNA evidence led to the arrest of 23-year-old Victor Antonio Martinez Hernandez, a murderous sexual predator and one of the “newcomers” welcomed by President Joe Biden.

Hernandez, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, was arrested by authorities in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Friday and has been charged with first-degree murder and first-degree rape.

Before illegally entering the United States, Hernandez murdered a young woman in El Salvador in January 2023.

“Rachel’s murderer is no longer a free man and, hopefully, he will never have the opportunity to walk free again,” Harford County Sherriff Jeffrey Gahler said at a Saturday press conference where he told reporters that the key break in the case came after investigators got a lead on what would have been Morin’s 38th birthday.

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“The lead we received was related to DNA evidence and allowed investigators to finally put a name to the image of the suspect in the video from Los Angeles, which we released two weeks after Rachel’s death,” Gahler added, referring to a brutal LA home invasion in March where the criminal illegal was caught on surveillance video after attacking a nine-year-old girl and her mother.

“We all suspected that Rachel was not his first victim,” Gahler said. “It is my understanding that this suspect, this monster, fled to the United States illegally after committing the brutal murder of a young woman in El Salvador a month earlier, in January of 2023.”

“Once in our country, and likely emboldened by his anonymity, he brutally attacked a nine-year-old girl and her mother during a home invasion in March of 2023 in Los Angeles,” Gahler said. “And as everyone I believe is aware, that was our first DNA match linking Rachel’s case to the one in Los Angeles.”

Sheriff Gahler also had strong words for the president and Washington, D.C. politicians who have enabled “Biden’s Border Bloodbath.”

“It has been a fear of mine that once we identified this suspect, the result would be exactly this,” he said. “And I want to now direct these comments to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and to every member of both chambers of Congress.”

“We are 1,800 miles of the southern border and this is the second woman in our county to be killed by an illegal alien,” Gahler said, noting that both suspects are from El Salvador with ties to criminal gangs. “And American citizens are not safe because of their failed immigration policies.”

“Victor Hernandez did not come here to make a better life for himself or for his family,” the sheriff said. “He came here to escape the crime he committed in El Salvador. He came here and murdered Rachel, and God willing, no one else.”

Later in the day after Sheriff Gahler’s news conference, Biden went to Tinseltown where he schmoozed with the high rollers at a star-studded bash featuring international interloper George Clooney, actress Julia Roberts, late-night TV Democrat shill Jimmy Kimmel, and former President Barack Obama.

Chris Donaldson


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