Illegal Venezuelan national staying at migrant hotel accused of shooting 2 NYPD officers

President Joe Biden’s border crisis put two of New York’s Finest in the hospital early Monday as a so-called “asylum seeker” demonstrated a “total disregard for life.”

(Video: Fox 5)

With the election drawing nearer, President Joe Biden has increased his efforts to apply lipstick to the pig that has been his administration’s border policy where much of the damage, including lives lost, has already taken effect. Monday, another tragedy was narrowly avoided in Elmhurst, Queens when two 26-year-old officers from the NYPD were shot attempting to apprehend a suspect.

During a press conference following the incident, NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban detailed that the officers, identified as Christopher Abreu and Richard Yarusso, had “observed a male suspect driving a moped the wrong way on 82nd Street near 23rd Avenue and attempted to pull him over.”

“The suspect then fled on foot and officers began a foot pursuit, which led for several blocks. During the pursuit, the suspect fired multiple rounds at our officers, who then returned fire,” he explained.

While the suspect, said to be 19-year-old Venezuelan national Bernardo Raul Castro-Mata by Fox 5, was struck in the ankle and ultimately arrested, Yarusso took a shot to the bulletproof vest that he reportedly ignored in his effort to render aid to Abreu who was shot in the leg.

Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Henry detailed how Yarusso “was more concerned about his partner, saving his life, getting a tourniquet. That’s what partners do in the NYPD. They save each other’s lives. And that’s what happened here today.”

“This could have gone a very different way,” added Caban as New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) went on to hold up the officer’s vest as he told the press, “Because of this vest, a young police officer is going home.”

“A senseless act of violence. Total disregard for life,” continued Hizzoner. “Our officers responded with a level of discipline, a level of focus, a level of professionalism. Today we thank God.”

While Fox 5 indicated that Castro-Mata, who was allegedly residing with other illegal aliens at the former Courtyard Marriott Hotel near LaGuardia Airport according to Caban, was wanted for several robberies involving motorized scooters, the New York Post elaborated that the Venezuelan national had entered the United States via Eagle Pass, Texas in July 2023.

Monday’s incident was only the latest shooting in New York involving a suspected illegal alien as the increased violence, including from the Venezuelan prison gang Tren de Aragua, saw a woman shot in Times Square before the suspect, reported to be a 15-year-old Venezuelan, allegedly fired upon a security guard and NYPD officers.

Later Monday morning, both officers were met with “cheers & applause from their fellow finest” as they were seen released from the care of Elmhurst Hospital.

Kevin Haggerty


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