Insurrectionists interrupt oral arguments inside Supreme Court chamber, media calls them protesters

Three pro-abortion insurrectionists — or “protesters,” as the media are calling them — interrupted a Supreme Court hearing Wednesday to voice their displeasure with the court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“The first protester rose and urged American women to ‘denounce Dobbs’ and ‘remember to vote.’ She was quickly removed from the courtroom by Supreme Court police,” according to SCOTUSblog.

The hearing then continued but was soon interrupted again.

“The right to choose will not be taken away,” another insurrectionist said before urging women to “vote for our right to choose.”

“The third protester stood up a few moments later. Speaking loudly, she exclaimed that ‘we will restore our freedom to choose. Women of America, vote!'” according to SCOTUSblog.

“Each of the protesters put out her hands, presumably to allow police officers to put on handcuffs, and left the courtroom quietly and without any resistance,” SCOTUSblog reported.

Watch all this unfold below:

The video above was tweeted out by Kai Newkirk, a far-left activist who “pleaded guilty in 2014 to disrupting a Supreme Court argument that year,” according to the Associated Press.

Newkirk and the organization he appears to represent were, it seems, the organizers of the “protest.”

Indeed, in additional tweets Newkirk linked to a fundraising page erected on behalf of the three insurrectionists.

“This morning, November 2nd, three women stood up inside the Supreme Court to denounce the Dobbs decision that repealed Roe v. Wade and called on the women of America to vote to restore the freedom to choose. Emily Paterson, Rolande Baker, and Nikki Enfield did this dignified, nonviolent protest on behalf of the tens of millions of women in America whose right to control their own bodies has been stripped away by the extremist Supreme Court,” the fundraiser reads.

“They were arrested for this courageous act of nonviolent civil disobedience and are being held in jail. Donate here via For All (the organization that anchored the action) to help pay for legal support, including attorneys, fines or fees, return travel to court, and other assistance as these women remain in police custody and face further jail time and fines. Any funds raised beyond those necessary to cover expenses for this action will go to a network of local abortion funds that help support those seeking abortion,” it continues.

As noted by the fundraiser, the three were arrested and charged.

“Three individuals were arrested this morning and charged with violation of Title 40 USC § 6134 (making ‘a harangue or oration, or utter[ing] loud, threatening, or abusive language in the Supreme Court Building’) and Regulation 5, and with violating 18 USC § 1507 (demonstrating with the intent of interfering with the administration of justice or with the intent of influencing a judge in the discharge of his or her duty),” a Supreme Court spokesperson said in a statement to CNN.

However, critics are demanding they face the exact same draconian treatment that the Jan. 6th rioters — or “insurrectionists,” as the media call them — have faced.


But that’s unlikely to happen. Just look at the way the media, which critics say is nothing but the propaganda arm of the Biden administration, is treating this story:

  • NBC News: “Abortion-rights protesters briefly interrupt Supreme Court”
  • USA Today: “Supreme Court arguments interrupted by protesters opposed to abortion ruling”
  • CNN: “Women disrupt Supreme Court arguments to protest Dobbs decision”

Protest? Disrupt?

Critics say that going inside the Supreme Court and interrupting a live hearing counts as something far more than just protest. It counts as an insurrection.

Especially when compared to actual protests like the one seen below that occurred outside the Supreme Court this week, not inside it:

“Over 40 Yale students joined an intercollegiate delegation on the steps of the nation’s highest court on Monday as justices heard arguments for two cases that could eradicate race-conscious admissions,” Yale Daily News reported.

“The Yale delegation — which included 41 students drawn from across the University’s four primary cultural activist groups — joined students from at least four other universities to express their support of the practice. Other Yalies, who remained in New Haven, organized on-campus efforts to promote awareness of the hearings,” the student-run outlet added.

While the students were on the wrong side of affirmative action — coming from a conservative perspective, that is — at least they were actual protesters, not insurrectionists.


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