James O’Keefe cuts up with Russell Brand about next steps: ‘After I was thrown out of the organization I founded…’

According to former Project Veritas chief James O’Keefe, the suspected retaliation he received from Pfizer that resulted in him being ousted from the company he founded has had an unintended consequence for Big Pharma: More people from within Pfizer are now more willing than ever to blow the whistle on corruption.

“After I was thrown out of the organization I founded,” O’Keefe told Russell Brand and producer Gareth Roy on Brand’s “Stay Free” podcast, whistleblower “Debbie Brunel was inspired to go public last week, and, apparently, Debbie has more coming out.”

As BizPac Review previously reported, Brunel was the brave woman behind the now-infamous undercover encounter with Pfizer Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations, and “mRNA Scientific Planner,” Jordon Trishton Walker.

Shortly after the shocking video of Walker casually explaining that Pfizer conducted gain-of-function research on COVID-19 so that they can “preemptively” develop new vaccines, O’Keefe was pushed out of Project Veritas.

Speaking as a guest of O’Keefe at this year’s CPAC gathering, Brunel said, “As a believer, I knew that I couldn’t just sit there, I couldn’t just sit there and watch people get lied to, people get gaslit. It made me angry.”

And according to O’Keefe, she isn’t alone.

“This whole situation with me, whether it was Pfizer or whatever, retaliating has inspired a lot more people inside Pfizer to be courageous,” he told Brand. “To blow the whistle. To, you know, jump on the proverbial grenade. That’s what they’re doing.”

The independent journalist pointed to his new website, OkeefeMediaGroup.com — or OMG, for short — and said more Pfizer whistleblowers have been given cameras to continue what he started.

“My new vision is to equip thousands of people with these special cameras,” O’Keefe revealed. “And that’s what we’re going to do.”

Leading into the segment, Brand, with his characteristic frenetic flair, brought up O’Keefe’s love of musical theater, prompting a chorus of “Oklahoma!” and an old clip of the journalist singing on stage.

Brand replied with an order to go “to wherever James O’Keefe is” to watch him perform. “I don’t care where we get the money from!” he joked.

Brand then played previous clips of him reacting to stories that claimed O’Keefe stole a pregnant lady’s sandwich.

“But what about Pfizers’ profits during the pandemic?” Brand protested.

“Don’t you care about pregnant women?” Roy shot back.

“Then shut up and sack James O’Keefe,” Brand demanded.

“If there’s not a baby growing in the person you take it from, it’s hardly a sandwich at all,” Brand told O’Keefe, perfectly illustrating the absurdity of the claims.

Roy questioned whether O’Keefe’s experience following the Pfizer videos made him “more anxious, more worried about the power of the pharmaceutical agency.”

“I think it’s made me more fearless,” O’Keefe replied. “And more focused. And more driven. And more motivated than I’ve ever been.”

“Everyone’s so afraid,” he continued. “And obviously they’re going to try to ruin the reputations of the people who expose them.”

“But in response,” he said, “what we have to do — the only way forward — is to build an army of investigators and exposers.”


Melissa Fine


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