Jesse Watters’ fed-up BLAST on Arab Americans has leftists screaming, but what part was untrue?

Fox News’ Jesse Watters slammed the Muslim world on Wednesday, saying in a rant that he’s “had it” with their BS.

Appearing on Fox News’ “The Five,” Watters was sparked to anger by video footage showing American Muslims tearing down posters of kidnapped Israelis.

“I want to say something about Arab Americans and about the Muslim world. We – and when I say we, I mean the West and Western technology – have created the Middle East. We made them rich. We got that oil out of the ground,” he began.

“Our military protects all of these oil shipments flying around the world, making them rich. We fund their military. We respect their kings. We kill their terrorists, OK? But we’ve had it. We’ve had it with them,” he added.

Especially, he continued, after multiple presidents attempted to pull America out of the Middle East.


“Obama, Trump, now Biden, have tried to get the heck out of that stupid desert. Just as we’re about to get out, because we have this great balance of power we’re arranging, these crazy Muslim fanatics come in and massacre over a thousand of our allies and hold Jewish people hostage, hold Americans hostage,” Watters explained.

He then turned specifically to American Muslims tearing down posters of kidnapped Israelis.

“And so, if you are an Arab American in this country and you ripped down posters of Jewish hostages, American hostages, no! No, no, no. Someone is gonna get punched in the face. When you rip down posters of the hostages like that — this is — absolutely not,” he said.

He also had words for The New York Times, which this week ran a piece asking “whose suffering should command public attention and sympathy” — that of the Israelis, or that of the Palestinians in Gaza.

“So, what they’ve done is they’ve now made suffering a commodity. They’ll put a price tag on emotional suffering. You know, is it the Jews? Is it black teens? The Native Americans? The Palestinians? Who’s suffered the most and he who suffered the most is allowed, as you say, a free punch,” he said.

“And so now they have justified violence to avenge suffering. And so now people are above the law. People are below the law and that’s making everybody crazy because we can’t live in a country like that. And I won’t live in a country like that,” he added.

His remarks sparked immediate backlash from left-wing Muslims like MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan.

“Vile, dangerous, and open anti-Arab bigotry and Islamophobia from a Fox primetime host. This is all on the Murdochs,” Hasan tweeted.

The irony is that Hasan wound up getting ratioed by Watters’ supporters, who for the most part appeared to grossly outnumber his own supporters.


Israel’s staunchest supporters say that there is no “two sides” to this conflict because one side, Hamas, is motivated entirely by genocidal hate, whereas the other side, Israel, is being driven by a desire to protect their own people from terrorism.

And so to try to equivocate between them means to create a “false equivalence,” according to Israel supporters like American conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

“Yes, there are occasional acts of targeting of Muslims. They are nothing like the targeting of Jews. They do not follow the same logic, they do not occur anywhere near as frequently, and they are not spurred by a sort of cycle of violence in the Middle East,” Shapiro wrote in a recent column about the Israel-Hamas war.


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