Jesse Watters is on to something: ‘What is new is the media called him a liar’

Fox News’s Jesse Watters blasted the president’s recent CNN interview, claiming, “Now we know why Biden only does interviews with weathermen.”

The interview, which aired on Wednesday, was a “trainwreck,” the “Primetime” host stated.

“He lied, insulted his voters, and scared away famous backers,” Watters said.

While President Biden’s blatant lies are nothing new, “What is new is the media called him a liar,” Watters noted.

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As BizPac Review reported, CNN host Erin Burnett told Biden that the economy “is by far the most important issue for voters.”

“It’s also true right now, Mr. President, that voters by a wide margin trust Trump more on the economy,” she said. “They say that in polls.”

“The cost of buying a home in the United States is double what it was, when you look at your monthly costs, from before the pandemic,” Burnett continued. “Real income, when you account for inflation, is actually down since you took office. Economic growth last week [was] far short of expectations. Consumer confidence, maybe no surprise, is near a two-year low.”

In response, Biden went into full denial mode, claiming “the polling data has been wrong all along” and insisting “we have created more jobs.”

“We’re in a situation where people have access to good-paying jobs,” he said. “And the last I saw, the combination of the inflation, the cost of inflation and all those things, that’s really worrisome to people, with good reason. That’s why I’m working very hard to bring the cost of rentals down, to increase the number of homes that are available.”

Watters told viewers Biden “didn’t get away” with “lying” his way out of it “this time.”

After claiming inflation was at 9 percent when he took office, Burnett fact-checked the president for the audience.

“Inflation was actually 1.4 percent when Biden was sworn in, peaking at 9.1 percent in June 2022,” she reported.

“What’s one more lie for a black, Puerto Rican, truck-driving, Jewish professor whose uncle was eaten by cannibals?” Watters asked.

Biden “really shot himself in the foot” when he claimed that Americans “have the money to spend.”

“Joe’s fighting with CNN,” Watters said. “This can’t be good.”

“Joe was supposed to be the gentile grandad who wisely guided us back home,” he said. “Now he snaps when you point out that he missed the exit.”

“It’s always someone else’s fault,” Watters noted. “Even CNN sees it.”

“Biden is an angry recluse obsessed with his legacy,” he stated. “He wants to be remembered like JFK, but he’s going down as a mean liar who opened the border, botched the Afghan withdrawal, and destroyed the dollar.”

With Trump “up in the polls” and the politically motivated trials against him “backfiring,” the media is “confused,” Watters said.

“They wanted to arrest this guy for a decade, and now that he’s in court, they are complaining?” Watters asked. “Like a dog chasing a car, as soon as they catch it, they don’t know what to do.”

“Democrats aren’t happy no matter what happens,” he added.

The host blasted Hillary Clinton’s recent appearance on “Morning Joe” for what co-host Mika Brzezinski called a “therapy session.”

“Trump reminds Hillary of her husband, and deep down she hates them both,” Watters stated.

He ended the monologue with some friendly advice.

“If Biden does show up at the debate, remember the playbook,” Watters instructed viewers. “Trump is a dictator, the economy is fine and you have money to spend, migrant crime is a hoax, Republicans opened the border, and if you vote for Trump, you have no self-respect.”

Melissa Fine


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