Joe Biden boasts about ‘good sex,’ will use SOTU to gaslight Americans about who’s screwing them

Like the icky feeling of imagining your grandparents getting it on, President Joe Biden gave Americans the willies when he boasted about how “good sex” was the key to his marriage, strangely apropos for a man who is screwing the country.

The racy revelation was included in an excerpt of the upcoming book “American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden,” which was published by the Daily Mail with Biden attributing the success of his 47-year marriage to First Lady Jill Biden as being their sexual relationship.

Mr. and Mrs. Biden may still be able to generate fireworks between the sheets at their elderly age but it’s ordinary people who have been getting screwed since he took up residence in the White House, and his handlers seem to think that the solution is more of the same gaslighting.

It has already been reported that Biden would be using the upcoming State of the Union Address to hit the “reset” button on his troubled reelection campaign and now, additional details have seeped out that he could use the nationally televised speech to blame food companies for the pain at grocery stores.

Politico reports that the Democrat leader will use the occasion to address “shrinkflation,” which has become a convenient scapegoat for the persistently high inflation that has hammered Americans during his time in office. And with even Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitting the prices won’t be coming back down anytime soon, Biden has to do something to tamp down voter wrath in an election year.

According to the outlet, “President Joe Biden is weighing how hard to hammer big food companies over painfully high grocery prices in his upcoming State of the Union Address,” although not everyone is yet onboard, as “some aides remain wary of focusing too much on food inflation, given how little power the president has to singlehandedly force down prices.”

“The most recent drafts of Biden’s State of the Union address have included a reference to shrinkflation as part of a broader segment on administration efforts to pressure companies to lower costs across the board, a third White House official said, though the speech is not yet finalized and could still change,” Politico reported.

“It’s about framing this for the American people,” one unnamed official told the outlet, adding that the president’s “open frustration” with shrinkflation “speaks to what they feel in a way that’s useful for us both in terms of messaging and making sure they understand that the president sees what’s going on.”

Biden already unveiled his shrinkflation schtick in a Super Bowl Sunday video in place of the traditional pregame interview that his handlers didn’t dare let him do.

The president has been railing against “corporate greed” on the campaign trail, clearly hoping that voters will take the bait and not come to the conclusion that “Bidenomics” is to blame for the prolonged pain since he and his fellow Democrats have ruled over Washington, D.C.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Biden was mulling attacks on grocery chains for the high prices that have hit his approval ratings nearly as hard as family budgets.

Chris Donaldson


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