Joe Rogan explains why the Deep State is unified against Trump

If President Joe Biden isn’t re-elected, people like White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre are “f**ked,” according to podcaster Joe Rogan.

“Even if [Biden] doesn’t really want to run again,” Rogan told comedian Akaash Singh, “his staff wants him to run again because if he doesn’t run again — if he doesn’t win — they’re all out of jobs. So if you’re that lady who is the White House press secretary, you’re f**ked. Because who’s the hell’s going to hire you? The next person isn’t going to hire you to be the White House press secretary. You’re terrible. You have to stay there. You have to keep those jobs.”

It’s a fair point.

President Biden has filled his administration with what many see as diversity, “equity, and inclusion (DEI) hires.”

In June of last year, Tucker Carlson described Jean-Pierre as the “dumbest” person Biden could find to fill Jen Psaki’s circling-back shoes.

“In addition to many of his other sins, Joe Biden has hired what has to be the single dumbest, nastiest, most dishonest, most ridiculous person he could possibly find for the very public position of White House press secretary,” Carlson stated.

“There’s a point to it of course,” he added. “It was a humiliation exercise. It was designed to degrade the country and dispirit the rest of us.”

And then there are the “fake female admirals” Biden selected, Rogan said, a reference to transgender Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Rachel Levine, an admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

“There’s a lot of them female admirals,” Rogan said, “those f**king fake female admirals. A lot of those people that you see in the White House, like the head of health, whatever the f**k that person is. Like, that person ain’t getting a job after Biden gets rid of them. You think Trump’s going to hire that guy?”

“They gotta keep that job,” he stated. “They want to keep that job. All those people that are working in the administration, they’re working very hard to keep that job.”

“And that’s why you see all this crazy pressure on Trump,” Rogan explained. “That’s a big part of it because he’s going to crack heads. So there’s a lot of united people trying to keep him out.”

Singh noted that Trump has dialed back on “the race-baiting sh*t,” leading many to think, “I can get on board with this guy.”

“Also,” Rogan added, “the race-baiting sh*t is a bit more effective now that they’ve let in 30 million people. If you want to talk about the fears of immigration, now people see it. They see the real consequences.”

“They’re lett murderers out with no bail,” he said. “The whole thing is wild. They’re getting accused of murder. They’re getting arrested. And then they let them right out.

“This is a wild f**king time.”

Melissa Fine


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