Joe Rogan thinks Tucker Carlson ‘could win’ the White House in 2028

Joe Rogan suggested that Tucker Carlson could have a very bright future in national politics if he chooses to enter the arena and that he has a shot at winning the presidency in 2028.

During one of his typical, extended wide-ranging interviews, the podcaster extraordinaire discussed the current political situation with commentator and entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David on a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” his popular Spotify podcast.

Rogan and his guest served up their takes on the regime’s legal persecution of former President Donald J. Trump and the refusal of the media to honestly cover President Joe Biden despite “so much evidence that he is corrupt,” and during their conversation, Carlson’s name came up.

The former Fox News primetime ratings star who has been unchained since he moved his show to Twitter/X, has the right stuff to one day end up in the White House if he pursues a career change, at least in Rogan’s opinion.

“Do you get the vibes from Tucker that Tucker wants to be a Netanyahu, a Churchill, a guy that is, you know, a journalist that’s been debating everybody has been reading every issue for the last 20, 30 years,” Bet-David said, adding. “You think it’s actually maybe he wants to make a run for 2028?”

“Well, what he’s doing is very profitable, right?” Rogan responded. “Like, what he’s doing makes a tremendous amount of money talking about things from his perspective. I think he’s gonna continue to do that. Whether or not he decides to become a politician, I don’t know if he has any aspirations about that.”

“When someone’s involved in politics in that extent where you’re talking about it constantly and you know the insides and the outsides, you know all the bullsh*t and all the shenanigans. Yeah, I guess you would probably have at least an idea of how you would do it differently and better,” he said. “And he’s also got a very popular voice, like if he decided to run for president… let’s just make a scenario. Trump wins in 2024. He has four years. If Tucker went to run in 2028, he could win. He really could win, because it would be kind of carrying those policies. But also he’s sort of a no-nonsense guy who exposes bullsh*t, you know, pretty humorous way and a very insightful and biting way,” he added.

“And he red-pilled a lot of left-wing people,” Rogan said, noting that leftists who initially criticized him during the COVID pandemic came around to see that he had a lot of things right, such as lockdowns, mask mandates, and whether there was really any science to it.

On the same show, Rogan teased a future interview with Trump and ran down a list of things that he’d like to ask him.

“When do you know the intelligence agencies are lying to you? Like when you decided to fire Comey? What was the thought? How much did you know? What’s the machine like? What is the deep state really like?” he said.

If Carlson harbors any presidential ambitions, he’s playing his cards close to the vest.

Chris Donaldson


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