John Kasich talks ‘real possibility’ of secret plot to replace Biden, who he backs

A Biden-backing Republican expressed his suspicions about the future of the incumbent’s re-election campaign.

“I’m starting to wonder…”

(Video: MSNBC)

Cashing in on his experience as a failed presidential candidate, former Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s confidence as to whether or not his horse would even be allowed to finish the race appeared to be waning. During a Friday appearance fulfilling his gig as a political analyst for MSNBC, the 2016 White House wannabe painted a bleak picture about President Joe Biden’s staying power.

Prefacing his take with a reminder about his endorsement of the president, whom he’d previously backed in 2020 against then-President Donald Trump, Kasich argued, “The fact that the economy is not turning, the fact that people are saying it’s a terrible economy for them, the fact that they’ve said they don’t have any confidence Joe Biden can fix it, his public appearances have not been very good, and now they’ve agreed to two debates, which is out there as you can get.”

“I’m starting to wonder if there’s a real possibility that Joe Biden will not be the Democrat nominee,” continued the governor.

Whether feigning incredulity or so insulated within the MSNBC echo chamber as to be confounded by points on the president’s failing policies and anemic favorability ratings, host José Díaz-Balart posited, “Governor, where is this coming from?”

Unwavering on his assertion, Kasich proceeded, “It comes from the fact that I talk to a lot of people and I see what these numbers are like, José. I mean, you had a poll…that Siena poll indicated last week, not only did they think he couldn’t fix the economy — and they put Trump way ahead of him — but they also said that they’re not sure he’s as competent as Trump.”

“I mean these are really significant numbers and the public appearances just aren’t working,” he added.

To the RINO’s point, only days earlier CNN had been chiding Biden over pointing to the polls when they suited him and knocking them when there was conflict with his preferred narrative.

“He loved the polls four years ago when they showed him ahead,” CNN senior data analyst Harry Enten had said. “These are the same polls now.”

Friday, Enten continued with the dismal outlook for Biden when he zeroed in on growing support for former President Donald Trump among black voters, particularly those under 50-years-old and said, “Where was Donald Trump at this point four years ago in the polls? He was just at 9% of the votes. So, he’s seen more than a doubling in his support among African Americans. This margin, which was in the 70s just four years ago, look at where it is now — 69 minus 22. That puts it in the 40s. My goodness, gracious.”

As Trump and Biden agreed to an unusually early debate matchup at the end of June, many believed that the Democratic Party was leaving itself an out to boot the president from the ticket in the weeks leading up to the August Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

Though not accepting the premise outright, Díaz-Balart conceded before changing gears, “Anything can happen.”

Kevin Haggerty


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