Warm? Psaki plays ‘name game’ on Biden, Dems but her answers are not based in reality

Before there was Karine Jean-Pierre, a far more skilled spinmeister fielded questions from behind the White House podium and Jen Psaki hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to shilling for her former boss and his fellow Democrats.

The truth-challenged redhead who honed her skills as a serial fibber during her time working for the Obama administration played the “name game” when asked about President Joe Biden and other left-wingers during an appearance on “The Issue Is,” a weekly political talk show on Fox 11 Los Angeles, where she promoted her new book.

When asked by show host Elex Michaelson to respond to a series of names with the first word that popped into her head, Psaki laid in on thick.

(Video: Fox 11)

Psaki described Biden as “warm” in her response, not a word commonly used to refer to the geriatric Democrat, a nasty and dishonest demagogue. She said that Vice President Kamala Harris is “charismatic” which is an extremely generous term for the loopy airheaded diversity hire whose uncontrollable cackling has made her into a national laughingstock.

First Lady Jill Biden is “smart” which could be somewhat accurate if she’s one of the people running the show behind the scenes. Former global warming czar John Kerry is “optimistic” which is a real knee-slapper when referring to the jet-setting climate doomsday prophet. Barack Obama is “brilliant” and his better half Michelle, “fierce” which is an interesting term for a woman with a physique akin to a defensive lineman for the Chicago Bears.

For Biden’s opponents, she was much less charitable.

Former President Donald J. Trump is “gross” in the opinion of Psaki, and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is “worms” in sticking with the Democrat talking points about his recent revelation that he had a parasite in his brain.

Fellow MSNBC propagandist Rachel Maddow is a “genius” per Psaki, a bizarre description of the Russia-obsessed queen of whacky conspiracies who is the left-wing network’s star attraction.

X users had some other suggestions.

Not normally held accountable for her lies, Psaki was recently called out over a four-Pinocchio’s worthy falsehood in her book titled “Say More: Lessons from Work, the White House, and the World” which was released earlier this month.

In the book, Psaki flat-out lied about one of the most embarrassing incidents of the early days of Biden’s presidency when he was at the dignified transfer of U.S. servicemembers who were killed in a 2021 Kabul airport suicide bombing during his regime’s botched withdrawal from the country, surrendering it to the terrorist Taliban.

Biden’s former spox wrote that her then-boss did not look at his watch during the somber ceremony at Dover Air Force Base when it was caught on video, suggesting that Gold Star family members were lying.

After Axios reported on the factual inaccuracies, Psaki said the “detail in a few lines of the book about the exact number of times he looked at his watch will be removed in future reprints and the ebook.”

“Not many White House Press Secretaries capture the nation’s interest the way Jen Psaki did. Refreshingly candid and clear, Psaki quickly became known for her ability to break through the noise and successfully deliver her message. In her highly anticipated book, Psaki shares her journey to the Briefing Room and beyond, taking readers along the campaign trail, to the State Department, and inside the White House under two Presidents,” reads the Amazon description for Psaki’s book.

Chris Donaldson


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