John Kerry’s elitism exposes when climate alarmist insists he doesn’t travel by private jet

Former Secretary of State John Kerry’s elitism was on full display as attempts to stave off accusations of flying private only crammed his foot further in his mouth.

(Video: Yahoo News)

The failed presidential candidate and inaugural Special Presidential Envoy for Climate for President Joe Biden’s administration once again found himself defending the lifestyles of the rich and famous Friday as he joined Yahoo News’ senior climate editor Ben Adler for a discussion on climate change.

During the softball interview Kerry was given the opportunity to defend his travel record, albeit defensively after Adler began to suggest, “You recently switched, I read, from flying private to flying commercial-”

“No, I didn’t fly private while I was in this job,” the climate envoy cut in before a question could even be asked. “It’s just a misnomer. I’ve had one, maybe two, private flights, which were U.S. military flights in order to get to China during COVID, where we were forced into that. But I fly commercially.”

Accepting Kerry’s assertion, Adler went on to bring up the number of climate activists that gathered at the World Economic Forum event in Davos, themselves flying private, and attempted to point out their unwillingness to make a lifestyle change for their cause which triggered another defense from the Biden official.

“I’ve talked to them about it. They offset. They buy offsets. They offset and they are working harder than most people I know to be able to try to affect this transition,” he claimed.

Previously, it had been reported that in the first 18 months of Biden’s administration the Kerry family Gulfstream GIV-SP had taken 48 trips that amounted to over 60 hours in the air producing 325 metric tons of carbon, the equivalent of roughly 47 times that of a typical car in a year.

Since then, Fox News had reported that that plane is no longer registered to Flying Squirrel LLC, the charter firm Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz-Kerry owned a $1 million stake in, seemingly as part of an effort to squelch claims of his hypocrisy.

Whether or not the climate czar was actually flying commercial exclusively now, social media wasn’t buying his claims that he had been for the entirety of his post.

Kerry then proceeded to knock down claims that globalist efforts to impose restrictions to favor their climate agenda would have any impact on average people when Adler asked, “Are you saying people aren’t going to have to change their lifestyle at all to prevent catastrophic climate change?”

“I think you have to frame that the right way,” he tellingly replied. “When you say change your lifestyle, people feel, oh, you’re challenging me to have a lower quality of life. No, we don’t have to have a lower quality of life. But do you have to change some of the choices you make in your life? Yeah.”

In other words, if you can afford to fill a field with solar panels as he had and buy a brand new electric vehicle, you can continue unimpeded just like he does.

He would then go on to point out that the administration’s sudden approval of the Willow project in Alaska wasn’t a signal that Biden had learned from mistakes of his first two years in office, rather the oil drilling project was merely meant to be life support to sustain the economy a little longer while climate policies continued to be crammed down Americans throats.

“If people are earning income and companies are making money, we have the ability to make the transition. If the economy crashes, everything will come to a dead halt. So it’s critical that we keep production levels moving in order to do this,” Kerry said. “But [Biden’s] been very, very clear. This is not a long-term strategy to keep something alive that is not in line with meeting our environmental goals.”

Kevin Haggerty


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