Kaitlan Collins can’t believe Bill Barr thinks Biden is a ‘bigger threat’ to America than Trump

An argument over which presidential candidate was the “greater threat” to the country found CNN’s Kaitlan Collins echoing “but Republicans” as former Attorney General Bill Bar explained his endorsement.

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The distancing of Barr from former President Donald Trump has made the one-time top cop a popular guest across corporate media as a go-to foil to disparage the GOP leader. However, that avenue turned into a dead end Friday during an extensive sit down on “The Source” as the AG reasoned out his endorsement of Trump over President Joe Biden.

“I think the country is much more susceptible to losing freedoms by the excesses of the left,” came the argument from Barr as Collins employed different tacts to goad her guest into saying something unflattering of Trump while deflecting away from points about Biden’s bureaucratic erosion of American liberties.

“And I think Trump would do less damage than Biden. And I think all this stuff about a threat to democracy, I think the real threat to democracy is the progressive movement and in the Biden administration,” he explained prompting Collins to ask, “The Biden administration or President Biden himself?”

“Biden’s support for the progressive agenda,” explained the former attorney general.

His position came after Collins had shared a Truth Social post from Trump that read, “Wow! Former A.G. Bill Barr, who let a lot of great people down by not investigating Voter Fraud in our Country, has just Endorsed me for President despite the fact that I called him ‘Weak, Slow Moving, Lethargic, Gutless, and Lazy’ (New York Post!) Based on the fact that I greatly appreciate his wholehearted Endorsement, I am removing the word ‘Lethargic’ from my statement. Thank you Bill. MAGA2024!”

Laughing it off as “classic Trump,” Barr made clear, “So, it’s not about me. I think that…I’ve said this all along. If faced with a choice between two people, neither of which I think should be president, I feel it’s my duty to pick the person who I think would do the least damage to the country.”

Exhibit A for not asking questions you don’t want to hear the answer to, Collins pressed, “I think a lot of people hear that and the case that we just talked about that went before the Supreme Court, essentially, and say, how can you see that and say that Biden is a greater threat to democracy?”

“Well, where are we losing our freedoms? Where have our freedoms been constrained? They’re being constrained by the progressive government and, you know, democracy especially, you know, from the Anglosphere democracies, the Five Eyes and so forth, the threat’s never been for autocratic government on the right,” he responded.

“But how specifically is Biden threatening democracy?” the host dug deeper.

Indicating it’s “always” been from the left, Barr advanced, “It’s the collectivist, socialist agenda. And that is where we’re losing our freedom…This is worse than the McCarthy era.”

“Where is that coming from? It’s not coming from the right,” he added when he tore into the apparent lawfare, regulations on appliances, automobiles and other goods and services throughout the economy, along with the push for indoctrination, the encroachment on civil rights of girls and women, censorship and suppression of content and failure to enforce the laws and the border and within communities.

Collins attempted to course correct back to the talking point issues of the Democratic Party platform and said, “I just think people look at what you’re saying and they don’t — and maybe, maybe even Republicans who have concerns about what’s happening with school boards or, you know, the culture and don’t, maybe abortion, even don’t equate that with…January 6th and Trump’s efforts.”

“When you told him the election was not stolen and he still went out there and said it was stolen and led a lot people to believe that they don’t, those things aren’t equal,” she argued. “It feels like a false equivalency.”

“Well,” replied Barr, “I disagree…and I think the country is much more susceptible to losing freedoms by the excesses of the left, and they have been steadily and that’s clear. People lose their jobs; kids can’t speak out in the classroom; they have to go along with what the professor says in order to get good grades and so forth. It’s become like Stepford Nation being directed by the progressive elites.”

(Video: CNN)

After Barr boiled it down to the “lesser of two evils,” Collins resorted to a last-ditch attempt at winning the argument by saying, “So just to be clear, you’re voting for someone who you believe tried to subvert the peaceful transfer of power, that can’t even achieve his own policies, that lied about the election, even after his attorney general told him that the election wasn’t stolen, and, as the former chief law enforcement in this country, you’re going to vote for someone who is facing 88 criminal counts?”

“I believe we’re facing the most dangerous situation we’ve ever faced in the world,” expressed Barr after dismissing the host’s assessment, “a lot of it invited by Biden’s weakness. And to have Biden out there for the next four years given all the threats we face, including handing the keys to the nuclear weapon to Iran, when a vice president like Kamala Harris endangers the country, that alone should be reason enough for the Republican ticket.”

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