Kamala Harris reveals what national security issue keeps her up at night and people have thoughts

Vice President Kamala Harris was wrecked on social media after she revealed what keeps her ‘up at night’ regarding U.S. national security.

In an interview with Margaret Brennan that will air Sunday on “Face the Nation,” a clip of which was teased on the network’s website this week, Harris responded that our “democracy” bothers her most.

What’s more, she added that she can talk about that subject because it’s not “classified.”

“VP’s interview on CBS: ‘BRENNAN: What do you see is the biggest national security challenge confronting the U.S.? What is the thing that worries you & keeps you up at night? HARRIS: Frankly, one of them is our democracy. And that I can talk about because that’s not classified,'” National Journal political correspondent Josh Kraushaar noted in a tweet.

“We can sort of understand her concern, what with the Democrats wanting to kill the filibuster to federalize elections, pack the Supreme Court, and eliminate the Electoral College. We’re sure there are other things we’ve forgotten, but that’s a start,” the tweet-aggregate site Twitchy noted in response to Harris’ remarks.

Others responded to Harris’ reported comments with similar derision and mocking.

“Putting aside the absurdity of this, Harris has a really weird tick where she keeps falsely claiming she can’t comment on basic national security questions because it’s ‘classified,'” RedState writer “Bonchie” posted.

Harris has come under fire in recent months as her approval rating is nearing rock-bottom in one recent poll and her office is said to be tumultuous and chaotic, with several staffers having already left or announced they were departing.

Jon Dougherty


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