Kellyanne Conway confronts Juan Williams on air: ‘Don’t look the other way … you called for my firing!’

Appearing on Fox News this Thursday, former Trump administration Kellyanne Conway confronted regular network host Juan Williams over his well-known double standards and hypocrisy and also made a stunning admission about Jared Kushner.

As for the first part, she called Williams out for having once called for her to be fired for allegedly violating the Hatch Act. She wondered why he refuses to apply the same standards now that Democrats are running the White House.


The discussion on Fox News’s “The Story” centered around the recently discovered bombshell that several of President Joe Biden’s family members collected parts of a $3 payment from the Chinese Communist Party in 2017.

The latest discovery, revealed Thursday by House Oversight Committee chair James Comer, is that the three specific members who received the money were James Biden, the president’s brother; Hunter Biden, the president’s youngest son; and Halie Biden, the widow of the president’s eldest son, Beau.

Kicking off the discussion, Conway wondered what exactly the money was for and whether it had anything to do with the current president.

“This happened while Joe Biden was still the vice president. What did [the Chinese] think that they were going to get from him?” she said.

She also linked this bombshell to Hunter’s infamous laptop.

“What he did — showing himself using drugs, using a handgun — that’s all possibly a felony,” she said.

Conway then chastised Williams, who was looking at her with disbelief, for having once called for her firing yet remaining so uninterested in the latest findings about the Biden family.

“Don’t look the other way. You know what, Juan? On this network, you called for my firing because of the ridiculous Hatch Act because I said Elizabeth Warren had lied about her ethnicity for 34 years. She did. Because I said Joe Biden was an old, rich, white, straight guy. He is. You said I should be fired for that and you’re ok with the Biden family getting $3 million? That’s rich,” she said.

Williams had no real response, except to cry “witch hunt.”

“Well, I just think that when we look at these things, it’s all legitimate. Investigate away. But it’s all become so partisan — it just looks like a witch hunt,” he said.

It’s the exact same refrain that both Democrats and their media allies have been repeating ad nauseam ever since Republicans retook the U.S. House and began investigating the president’s family.

Democrats spent years investigating former President Donald Trump and his family but seem unable to fathom why Republicans might want to do the same for the current president and his family.

That being said, Democrats’ years-long investigation into Trump and his family did lead to one salient discovery — that the then president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, had himself reportedly collected massive amounts of money from Saudi Arabia.

Conway appeared to outright admit this during her discussion Thursday with Williams.

This part of the discussion began with host Martha MacCallum asking Williams whether the Bidens deserve to be as investigated as the Trumps were.

“There were massive investigations, millions of dollars spent, and always the question, you know, what are they getting in return? So, do you have the same question for the Biden family when you look at this money transaction? What was China getting in return? Is that something Americans must know?” she asked.

Williams responded by claiming there’s no evidence the president himself benefitted from these financial transactions.

“I can’t say there’s any tie. What we have is a check to a widow from someone who was paid by the Chinese with no context. We don’t know what this money was for. In fact, the same person had sent checks to her before there was any payment from the Chinese,” he said.

He then pulled out the whataboutism card and brought up Kushner.

“Why don’t you look into things like Jared Kushner getting $2 billion directly from the Saudis after former President Trump bragged about protecting the Saudi prince?”  he said, referencing the way the former president reportedly let Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman off the hook for the murder of a Washington Post columnist.

This prompted MacCallum to pose a question to Conway: “Kellyanne, is that a fair question about Jared Kushner?”

“Well, Jared, of course, is the only person I think who has benefitted in the billions – with a ‘B’ – from the Trump presidency. That’s for sure,” she conceded.

“But look, I think whataboutism isn’t gonna work here,” she then added, concluding the discussion.


Vivek Saxena


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