Kid Rock takes up Trump’s ‘no tax on tips’ challenge

A grassroots movement stirred by the former president got a sizable leg up from Kid Rock who shared a receipt with a message about what a “vote for Trump” meant for the hospitality industry.

Under President Joe Biden’s administration, the expansion of centralized federal power has seen regulatory agencies targeting everything from gas stoves to lightbulbs while also steering the economy toward a digital currency.

In a bid to cure some of the ills of Bidenomics that has also seen the Internal Revenue Service turned against select American citizens, former President Donald Trump advanced a plan over the weekend to eliminate taxes on tips with a campaign plan that could see supporters every where spreading the word.

“No tax on tips, okay? It’s done. Done. And we need to spread the word so that every time you leave a tip for the next five months, you put on the receipt, vote for Trump, because there’s no tax on tips,” said the president Friday as he gathered with supporters from Club 47 for his 78th birthday celebration at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

“I think it’s going to be a great thing. You know they earned it,” he continued adding, “somebody does a good job is supposed to pay tax on it. So, we’re ending that immediately, effective immediately when we get in.”

Lending his support to help spread the word and spark others to do the same, entertainer and friend of the president Kid Rock took to social media to share an image of a $400 tip on an over $1,100 bill from Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse.

Included atop the merchant copy of the receipt was the simple message, “A vote for Trump is a vote for no tax on tips!”

Trump had initially promoted the idea of exempting gratuity income from being taxed at a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Nevada after he had spoken with a waitress there who had lamented the burden that the Service Industry Tip Compliance Agreement proposed by Biden’s IRS would have on her income. As he recounted to the crowd, she had told the GOP leader, “They’re coming after my tips.”

Advancing his proposal again Saturday while attending Turning Point Action’s “People’s Convention” in Detroit, Michigan, Trump reiterated, “I have announced that I will eliminate taxes on gifts for restaurant workers and hospitality workers. And anyone else who relies on tips, no more taxes on tips! None.”

Inspired by the message and the actionable way to help promote the campaign, social media users reacted to Kid Rock’s post with images of their own receipts as well as promises join in the viral trend hospitality electioneering.

“That’s awesome!!!” said one inspired user. “You made that person’s day and hopefully they vote accordingly!! God Bless America!!!”

Kevin Haggerty


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