‘Knuck if U Buck’: Security scarce as massive brawl breaks out at Chicago White Sox game

A fight-inspiring song did exactly that at Saturday’s Chicago White Sox game as a lengthy brawl left many wondering “where is security?”

Bouncing back from a 6-3 loss against the Baltimore Orioles Friday, the Sox had played a 6-6 tie against the visiting O’s into extra innings Saturday enticing fans at Guaranteed Rate Field the possibility of an exciting walk-off victory. However, as relief pitcher Jimmy Lambert went through his warmup throws on Jackie Robinson day around the league, things were heating up in the stands.

Up the third-baseline, near to the left field foul pole, a dispute turned into a melee that lasted more than two minutes beginning with one woman getting dragged from behind over a row of seats as the 2004 Crime Mob single “Knuck If You Buck” about fighting played over the Public Address system.

Spectators caught the conflict from multiple angles as several women tussled their way up the concrete steps throwing fists and pulling hair. One such onlooker wrote, “Went to my first Chicago White Sox game today. They got a dub (win), a fight broke out, and they played knuck if you buck during fight. I might just get season tickets now.”

As several people stepped in to try and breakup the fight, the fracas appeared only to escalate and the initial bout reignited after one of the women involved could be seen instigating while dancing with her middle fingers extended. However, when someone from several rows back could be seen throwing a bottle at her face, she immediately tried to get back in the fray.

While she remained on the periphery, a man could be seen taking potshots from several different directions and, after carrying on for close to two minutes, not a single official from the ballpark could be seen from the various angles attempting to dissuade combatants.

Security did eventually show up and many of those involved could be seen marching out of the stands. Many couldn’t help but find humor in the song that was playing as all of this went down.

Since many suspected that alcohol consumption may have played a role in triggering the conflict, it’s worth pointing out that a number of rule changes under the leadership of MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred have been instituted with the intent of speeding up the play of game. Because of that, some stadiums have extended their alcohol sales beyond the common seventh-inning cutoff, according to the Associated Press, but the White Sox were not yet among them.

Because of their dispute, the fighting fans ultimately missed out on a come-from-behind walk-off victory in the 10th inning when, after surrendering a run in the top half of the inning, Chicago strung together an RBI double followed by an RBI single to score the needed two runs to close out the second of a three-game series at 7-6.

Kevin Haggerty


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