Large group of Chinese male migrants with smart luggage illegally cross border as numbers from China skyrocket: report

Thousands of well-dressed, mostly military-age Chinese illegal immigrants crossed the US border in 2023 in what looks alarmingly like an invasion that is getting very little media coverage.

(Video Credit: NewsNation)

According to Fox News, 52,700 Chinese migrants have crossed into the US this year. Many have been photographed crossing from Mexico into California. The Daily Mail is reporting the number is 24,048.

The Chinese individuals are said to be fleeing authoritarian communist leader Xi Jinping. A viral video online shows a large group of Chinese men lined up with their smart luggage near the San Diego County town of Jacumba Hot Springs as the Border Patrol arrests them for processing. That particular county is debating the approval of millions more in emergency funds to shelter illegal immigrants.

Americans have seen millions of illegal immigrants who have crossed into the US from countries in Central and South America but what we are seeing now are thousands coming here from communist China.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is calling President Biden’s “open border” policies an “existential threat” to the U.S., especially in light of immigrants coming from China which is at the top of the list of our enemies. It’s definitely a national security threat.

“…it is extraordinarily dangerous because, first of all, as you point out, we have people from China coming here. We also have people on the known terrorist watch list who are coming across the border. And so there’s extraordinary dangers, calls to our country by Biden’s open border policies. And obviously, Biden is doing nothing about it,” Abbott told Fox News.

“And that’s why Texas has to step up and apprehend as many of these people as possible to make sure that they’re not posing a threat to our country. But this is a very serious existential threat to our country caused by Joe Biden. And that’s exactly why Texas is taking extraordinary steps to try to crack down on it,” he added.

“Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources told Fox News that since Oct. 1 there were over 6,500 Chinese nationals encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border, along with over 700 Afghans,” Fox News reported.

The Daily Mail also reported on the alarming influx of illegal immigrants from China although its numbers differ quite a bit from Fox News.

(Video Credit: The Associated Press)

“Over the 2023 fiscal year, which ended in September, US Customs and Border Protection reported 24,048 Chinese citizens were apprehended at the Mexico border, more than in the ten preceding years combined,” the Daily Mail wrote.

“That’s up more than 10 times from the 1,970 arrests recorded during the 2022 fiscal year, and just 323 the year before, when China was under strict pandemic travel bans and lockdowns,” the outlet noted.

It’s not just the Chinese either. The Border Patrol took into custody 41,719 Indian migrants crossing the border in fiscal year 2023 according to the Daily Mail. That’s up 129 percent from last year.

Approximately 7,390 Russians have also been caught which is up 42 percent and 15,429 Turks were also detained.

“In total, Border Patrol apprehended 2,045,838 migrants at illegal crossing points on the southern border in the 12 months through September, and another 429,831 were expelled at ports of entry, for the highest annual total on record,” the Daily Mail stated.

That doesn’t include “gottaways.”

Chinese migrants pay tens of thousands to get to the US southern border by traveling the Darien Gap route. They typically fly into Ecuador without a visa to start the journey. Then they trek across several Central American countries before reaching the U.S. border. The journey is called “walk the line” or “zouxian.”

“Short video app Douyin, owned by TikTok owner ByteDance, is one of the main sources of the Chinese tech giant’s revenue overall, Reuters previously reported,” the Daily Mail wrote.

Reuters also found other social media accounts that advised the illegal immigrants in Mandarin on crossing the US-Mexico border.

Social media hammered the Biden administration for letting the invasion continue:


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