Laura Ingraham flat-out asks Eric Trump how ‘jughead’ Michael Cohen was even hired in the first place

Eric Trump joined Fox News host Laura Ingraham in ripping into Michael Cohen, the one-time attorney for his father, former President Donald Trump after he testified in the so-called hush money trial in New York.

The younger Trump called out the “giddy” former fixer and the politically motivated criminal trial against his father as Ingraham, meanwhile, sought to understand how the former president had ever even hired “jughead” Cohen.

“What kind of a guy was he?” the Fox News host asked on “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday.

“I met him a couple times, and I don’t want to be uncharitable toward anybody. I really don’t. But he didn’t seem impressive to me. And your father is an unbelievable, like, judge of so many people and situations. How did he ever get hired?” Ingraham asked Trump.

“Like, I called him ‘jughead’ and that’s kind of juvenile, I guess. But he seems like a jughead to me… Staff is so important. This guy was the go-to guy? Why?” she wondered about the former attorney who previously pleaded guilty to lying to Congress.

“Well, it’s the very reason my father didn’t want to take him to Washington, D.C.” Trump replied.

“And by the way, he sat there for an hour today talking about how mad he was, right? He was literally sending text messages to people, ‘I’m going to be chief of staff. I want to be chief of staff.’ He is lobbying for this.”

“How much of this is resentment?” Ingraham questioned.

“It’s a lot of resentment,” Trump replied.

Later he elaborated that Cohen was “fine for a little while and then he totally fell apart.”

“The guy who proclaimed himself to be the fixer actually broke more things than he fixed,” he said, adding that everyone saw Cohen’s “true colors” after a while.

Ingraham suggested Cohen has an “oedipal complex” and is trying to emulate Donald Trump.

The son of the former president railed against the persecution of his father as he faces 34 felony charges related to the $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election. Hauling in Cohen was the “Super Bowl moment” prosecutors anticipated, Eric Trump told Ingraham.

“The New York DA’s office is sitting in court and they’re sitting there, they’re giggling and laughing, this is their All Star moment, this is their Super Bowl moment,” Trump said. “They’re excited and they’re laughing, they finally get the opportunity to get my father.”

“Then I look at Cohen, and he’s giddy. He’s so happy to say that he’s a personal attorney for Donald J. Trump, and how honored he was and how great it was and he worked in that role even after he left the organization,” he added.

In her opening monologue, Ingraham had dismissed Cohen’s recording of the former president which was played in court on Monday.

“The big moment in court today was supposed to be the playing of a taped conversation that Michael Cohen recorded between Trump and himself back in 2016 (yeah, eight years ago), where they can be heard talking about how they would buy the rights to Karen McDougal’s story. On the tape, Cohen can be heard explaining to the then-presidential candidate his plans to form an LLC through which he would finance the purchase of the rights to that woman’s story,” she recounted.

“None of the hype amounted to anything. None of it proved anything,” Ingraham said.

“Ironically, Alvin Bragg hopes that Jughead is his fixer, that Michael Cohen can help deliver a guilty verdict in a case that was a bomb from day one. Now, only the radical, far-left legal mind would think that a convicted perjurer and a nutty porn star should be considered serious people, let alone help decide the next presidential election,” she added.

Frieda Powers


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