Lauren Boebert takes on Cori Bush after Dem accuses witness of being a white supremacist

Sparks flew during a House Oversight subcommittee hearing when a notorious race-baiting lawmaker was called out after she accused a witness of holding “white supremacist” views, leading Rep. Lauren Boebert to call for the inflammatory and insulting words by Rep. Cori Bush to be “taken down” in a heated exchange.

The offensive remarks about the witness came as the Missouri Democrat was making a statement that suggested that a reluctance to embrace unreliable green energy sources over fossil fuels was based on racism before smearing him with the tiresome and overused pejorative that no longer remotely resembles its traditional definition but has been expanded to include any and all critics of the fully radicalized left-wing party’s extremist “woke” agenda.

Bush, the ranking member on the Economic Growth, Energy Policy, and Regulatory Affairs subcommittee used her opening statement to blast the fossil fuel industry and to criticize her GOP colleagues for inviting representatives from “for-profit think tanks and oil titans” whom she suggested profit at the expense of minority communities.

“Future events can be best ameliorated or prevented by reducing our demand for and our reliance on fossil fuels,” Bush said, adding, “But my Republican colleagues have unironically invited for-profit think tank and oil titans whose expertise is in maximizing profits, especially at the expense of our black, our brown, our indigenous neighbors’ health, safety, and well-being.”

“One of these so-called energy experts is a philosopher who has previously espoused white supremacist views. For instance, in his 2000 college newspaper, he wrote, quote, ‘’The African and American Studies Department has 23 classes in many of these classes. African culture is presented not..,'” she said before the Colorado Republican interrupted with her appeal to the committee chair that her offensive remarks be struck from the record.

“Mr. Chairman, I demand the gentlelady’s words be taken down,” Boebert said. “She just called the witness a white supremist.”

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Bush denied it, “No, I referred to the words, not to the person. Not to him. The words.”

“The gentlelady is referring to the witness’s statement and referred to him as a white supremist,” Boebert shot back.

“No, I did not,” the “Squad” member and BLM activist said, insisting that hadn’t uttered the heinous smear.

Boebert persisted, “I would like a parliamentary inquiry into having the gentlewoman’s words taken down,” as the chairman, Rep. Pat Fallon (R-Texas) formally recognized her input.

“Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I would like a parliamentary inquiry into taking down the gentlelady’s words, the ranking member’s words for insinuating that our witness made white supremist statements using his words.”

Fallon then said, “The chair cannot take down words that are directed toward a witness only to other members. All right. Chair recognizes Ranking Member Bush to continue your opening statement,” attempting to turn the floor back over to Bush so that she could continue her racist rant.

Undeterred, Boebert again asked for a parliamentary inquiry which was granted, “Is it appropriate for the ranking members to show respect to the witnesses who are here present in the committee room today?”

“I think it would obviously be warranted to show respect for anyone,” Fallon responded.

“I would like that sentiment to be expressed and the members to be reminded to show respect to our witnesses who were here today. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I yield,” said Boebert, concluding her opposition to Bush’s white-bashing.

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