Left-wing rag wants to ‘decolonize’ Thanksgiving, replace it with Truthsgiving’

Once again proving that there is no traditional holiday that the “woke” leftists aren’t determined to suck every bit of joy out of, a call has gone out to scrub Thanksgiving and replace it with something more to the liking of the haters.

In a screed published by The Nation, one of the American left’s oldest magazines, the annual day set aside for food, family, football, and giving thanks for the blessings bestowed upon us is rudely besmirched by the author who calls for the day to be “decolonized.”

“The sanitized version of Thanksgiving neglects to mention the violence, land theft, and subsequent decimation of Indigenous populations,” writes Sean Sherman. “Needless to say, this causes tremendous distress to those of us who are still reeling from the trauma of these events to our communities.”

“Thanksgiving’s roots are intertwined with colonial aggression. One of the first documented ‘Thanksgivings’ came in 1637, after the colonists celebrated their massacre of an entire Pequot village,” the author continued. “I do not think we need to end Thanksgiving. But we do need to decolonize it.”

“This Thanksgiving, let’s break the bonds of colonization and capitalism—not just on our plates but in our perspectives, too. I want a Thanksgiving where I can be thankful that I live in a world where diversity is celebrated, and where every person’s connection to their food, land, and history is respected and cherished,” Sherman added. “I would like to be thankful not only for a more inclusive world but for a more accurate accounting of the past.”

Also contributing to the piece is Chase Iron Eyes who says, “Let’s tell a different story by dropping the lie of Thanksgiving and begin a Truthsgiving.”

The call for an overhaul of the beloved holiday didn’t go down well with X users who told The Nation exactly where they could stick their turkey baster.

And once again, Trump was right even though he was mocked for it at the time.

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“A decolonized Thanksgiving could transform a holiday marred by historical amnesia into a celebration of genuine gratitude, unity, and recognition of our rich Indigenous heritage. It would offer a clearer lens through which to see the entire world,” Sherman concluded. “Let us drop food and knowledge, not bombs.”

Chris Donaldson


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