Leftists BIG mad when Ole Miss students chant ‘Lizzo Lizzo Lizzo’ at obese black anti-Israel protester

Leftists are howling in rage over a group of white University of Mississippi frat boys who stood up to a black anti-Israel protester.

Video footage from the stunning confrontation showed the morbidly obese black woman flicking off the patriotic, pro-Israel frat boys, prompting them to return fire with full force.

Watch (*Language warning):

As seen above, the frat boys fired back by repeatedly calling the woman “Lizzo” in honor of morbidly obese singer Melissa Viviane Jefferson, more commonly known as Lizzo.

A few of the frat boys also called her a “fat b—” and made what appeared to be monkey sounds/gestures in mockery of her.

At one point, one of the boys also challenged the black woman to perform a single pushup:

Their behavior, including their innocent “Lizzo” chants, triggered massive outrage, particularly from black racial grievance mongers.

“A pack a wild white supremacists singled out a Black woman who was at a pro-Palestine rally, and started chanting ‘Lizzo’, and making monkey noises at her,” grievance monger Tariq Nasheed tweeted.

“A gang of wild, uncouth, vile, white supremacist, thugs at the University of Mississippi singled out a Black female student protester, spewed racial epithets and other pejoratives, chanted ‘Lizzo’ and made monkey noises,” Bishop Talbert Swan, another grievance monger, added.

See more outraged responses below (*Language warning):

But a number of people have been pushing back on these complaints by, as an example, drawing attention to the fact that leftists and their media allies always claim Lizzo is “beautiful.” So why would referring to a random black woman as Lizzo be offensive?

“As I understand it, society has decided that Lizzo is beautiful and to disagree is racist,” one X user tweeted. “Thus, they were complimenting her.”

“Tell a Progressive Leftist she’s ‘just as beautiful as Lizzo/Dylan Mulvaney’ and watch her brain short-circuit,” another X user tweeted, referencing “transgender woman” Dylan Mulvaney.

Some also pushed back by arguing that a group of black frat boys would have been even more brutal in their mockery of an obese white girl:

The black woman has since been identified as Jaylin Smith, a graduate student at the school and reportedly the media contact for the student group UM for Palestine.

In a statement to the Mississippi Free Press, a leftist non-profit, she portrayed herself as martyr who’d taken a stand against alleged injustice.

“At a university which promotes diversity, equity and inclusivity, I’m standing for my right to free speech and getting things thrown at me, and officers are putting their hands on me to move me back,” she said.

“Somebody’s gotta stand up, and it’s not always gonna be our Palestinian students. It takes our white, our black, our brown, our Asian students to stand up for everybody. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere,” she added.

All this comes as more and more patriotic college students nationwide are gathering to counter-protest the ongoing anti-Israel protests that have roiled so many college campuses.

At least the gathering at Ol’ Miss didn’t turn violent. The same can’t be said of UCLA, where last Wednesday anti-Israel and pro-Israel activists literally duked it out in the middle of campus.

Vivek Saxena


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