Leo Terrell buried in backlash over harsh message for those who ‘betrayed’ Trump, supported DeSantis

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell told DeSantis supporters via X that if former President Trump lands the nomination for the presidency in 2024, they are not welcome back into the fold to vote for him.

“Those of you who betrayed President Trump and supported @RonDeSantis: You are not welcome BACK! #Trump2024NowMorethanEver #GodBlessPresidentTrump,” Terrell wrote on X.

Twitchy’s PolitiBunny pointed out the insanity of that statement and that if Trump does get the nod we’ll need every vote we can get to reelect him. Taking a stand against DeSantis voters would almost certainly guarantee the Democrats get elected in 2024.

“What are you doing? If Trump wins the nod we’re going to need EVERY VOTE we can get, especially people who supported DeSantis and who vote Republican. You know that, yes? And no amount of hashtags can change that,” she told Terrell.

Most Republicans are determined to vote for whoever gets the nomination to stop President Biden and the Democrats from securing a second term. But anyone with a do-or-die attitude under one candidate will only make it more likely the GOP will lose and the fate of the nation will be sealed.

People sounded off on Terrell’s declaration and it was heated. Many slammed him for making such a declaration in such dire times for conservatives.

That did not deter Terrell. He doubled down on his premise.

“You don’t get it RINOS: We love President Trump. Moreover we are loyal! #Trump2024TheOnlyChoice,” he posted to X an hour after his initial post.

He also proclaimed, “.#MAGA will replace the Republican Party! #Trump2024TheOnlyChoice”

Terrell was scorched on X for dividing Republicans when we can least afford it:

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