Liberal press push report Hispanic Texas mall mass shooter may have been a ‘white supremacist’

The Texas outlet mall murder suspect was identified Sunday and, as corporate media outlets circled a narrative of white supremacy, the public couldn’t help but state the seemingly obvious.

Mauricio Garcia, 33, was named Sunday by the Texas Department of Public Safety as the suspect alleged to have killed at least eight people and wounded seven more at the Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas. A motive was not declared by investigators but that didn’t stop reports from painting a picture that described the Hispanic man as having “white supremacist or neo-Nazi beliefs.”

“The gunman who opened fire on an outlet mall in a Dallas suburb Saturday, killing at least eight people, was a man in his early 30s who may have had white supremacist or neo-Nazi beliefs, people familiar with the investigation said Sunday,” The Washington Post reported.

“Authorities have not released a motive, but a patch on his chest said ‘RWDS,’ an acronym that stands for Right Wing Death Squad, according to people familiar with the investigation,” the report stated. “The phrase is popular among right wing extremists, neo-Nazis and white supremacists, they said. In addition to the weapons found on his body, investigators found another five guns inside his car nearby, these people said.”

Likewise, The Wall Street Journal said, “Authorities looking into the motive for the mass shooting at a Texas mall on Saturday are investigating the gunman’s possible links to white-supremacist ideology.”

The Associated Press took a similar tact and reported, “Federal agents have been reviewing social media accounts they believe Mauricio Garcia, 33, used and posts that expressed interest in white supremacist and neo-Nazi views, said the official, who could not discuss details of the investigation publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.”

Compounding the speculation of readers was the fact that authorities waited until Sunday to positively identify the suspect, despite having searched the Dallas-area home of his parents the night prior and questioned them with the help of a translator.

Of course, leftists were quick to defend the reporting from corporate media as it suited a narrative they could get behind. Rather than allow the fledgling story to wither and die, they piled on to the supposed veracity by bringing up former Proud Boys leader Henry “Enrique” Tarrio, recently convicted of seditious conspiracy, who was said to have worn a patch with an acronym like the one mentioned in reports of Garcia.

The known details about Garcia remain scarce as authorities had also searched a motel where the suspect was believed to be staying and multiple boxes were taken from his parents’ home, according to CBS. They also suggested that the suspect, who worked as a security guard, has had run-ins with the law before. However, they did so with the caveat that he “did not have a serious criminal record.”

Kevin Haggerty


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