Liberals have no sense of humor: Photo of giant Rod Stewart crowd linked to Trump rally sends off sirens

Leftists found a deflated narrative for former President Donald Trump’s massive New Jersey crowd courtesy of an aged-rocker and a stalwart supporter who argued, “Liberals have no sense of humor.”

Tens of thousands of supporters for the president gathering at the beach in Wildwood Saturday undoubtedly triggered the Trump Derangement Syndrome of many a snowflake. However, it appeared that political consultant Roger Stone had given detractors an opportunity to downplay the GOP leader’s draw in a blue state with an errant photo of a decades-old Rod Stewart concert.

“Yeah , New Jersey is in play for @realDonaldTrump. Could Joe Biden draw a crowd like this?” posted Stone on Sunday earning the Community Notes treatment that detailed, “This is a photo from a Rod Stewart concert almost 30 years ago. ‘On December 31, 1994, Rod Stewart performed at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro in front of an estimated 3.5 to 4.2 million people.'”

Like a bug zapper for ardent anti-Trump keyboard warriors, the image viewed more than a million times since it was shared on X attracted social media users and corporate media figures alike who remained dead set on squashing positive stories for the president and maligning conservatives as liars.

“Murdoch rags and [right-wing] commentators in the US are trying to bullsh*t to the world that this is Trumps rally in New Jersey and 100,000 were there,” wrote one as another lamented, “I just can’t with these people. If the turnout was so great they wouldn’t need to use a fake picture from a Rod Stewart concert in Brazil.”

Heaping on contempt, a writer found the low-hanging fruit and suggested, “Roger Stone’s favorite Rod Steward song is ‘Forever Wrong’.”

While the slams endeavored to distract from the considerable turnout for Trump, they could not erase the support that the president was treated to in New Jersey as seen in video from the event that garnered the reaction, “HOLY SH*T!”

The 2024 candidate himself had said during the rally, “There’s so many people here. There’s so many people here. Man, over 100,000 people. This was supposed to be — you know, they thought they’d hit [40,000] — so they more than doubled it — but you can’t even see the end.”

Meanwhile, continued comments from Stone irked supporters as well when he contended, “Liberals have no sense of humor. 10,000 people at the New Jersey shore is still 10,000 people. #Trump2024,” prompting reactions about the sum missing a zero.

For his part, the lobbyist leaned into his personal photo-gate, sharing side-by-side images of Trump’s rally with Stewart’s concert asking the question, “Which one of these photos is NOT Donald Trump’s historic rally in Wildwood New Jersey?”

As with other posts Sunday that included a callout to a headline and another crowd shot that featured attendees at Woodstock, Stone added, “Warning- Liberals have no sense of humor.”

Kevin Haggerty


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