Male playing on girl’s volleyball team taunts female opponent with lewd remark: report

Attacks on girls’ sports reached a new low as the male captain of a ladies volleyball team said to have referenced his genitals in lewd taunt of opposing team.

In a woke world of “fluidity,” preferred pronouns and complicit, if not outright indoctrinate, systems, how Derek Cannuscio of the Landmark School in Prides Crossing, Massachusetts self-identified was not readily apparent. What was apparent of the Vikings girls’ volleyball team’s male captain was a controversial callout to his penis to an opposing player, according to an advocate group.

Friday, the Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) took to social media to report that after a recent match, the teen stirred further controversy when he asked a girl from the losing team, “Did my penis distract you?”

“MA teen boy, Derek Cannuscio’s inappropriate comment to opposing female player post girls’ volleyball game sparks controversy. Heated girls’ match: Opposing team fans booed the male team captain,” wrote ICONS with images captured from Instagram.

Adding a video to their thread, the group advocating for fairness in sports for women and girls noted, “It remains unclear if the tall male player (who still refers to himself as ‘he’) simply prefers playing against girls to capitalize on the 7″ lower girls’ net height or if he self-identifies as non-binary.”

Despite the horrific injuries incurred in other instances where so-called transgender athletes were allowed to participate in girls’ sports, like Payton McNabb, who was left with a concussion and partial paralysis after a volleyball was spiked at 70 mph striking her in the face in Sept. 2022, or the more recent “significant facial and dental injuries” for a girls’ field hockey player struck in the face during a state tournament matchup, leftist strongholds have failed to act to change existing policy.

As it stands, like with the field hockey incident, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association allows for cross-sex participation if that sport is not available for boys and girls,

Adding her considerable voice to the discussion, former NCAA swimmer and activist Riley Gaines, who herself was made to compete against a male swimmer who identified as a female, posted on X, “Male player who happens to be captain of girls volleyball team in MA asked female player on opposing team after a heated game: ‘Did my penis distract you?’ How is that not some form of sexual harassment? At the hands of @MassGovernor.”

She then specifically called out Massachusetts Rep. Lori Trahan (D) for voting against the passage of a bill to protect girls’ sports, “…because of Title IX, you had the chance to be a D1 athlete. It’s time to understand the repercussions of hurting girls across your vote. You’re erasing while simultaneously hurting girls across the state of MA. For your daughters sake, you deserve to be voted out of office. Not to mention you straight up lied in your presser. No one is being banned, but you know that. Classic case of virtue signaling and illegitimate outrage.”

Following the posts, outrage poured in over the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging-peddling school specifically geared toward “students in grades 2-12 with dyslexia or other language-based learning disabilities” with a tuition rate ranging from $73,000 to $96,000 a year.

Kevin Haggerty


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