Man receives sentence for making bomb threat against then-Gov. Scott Walker in 2018

A Wisconsin man who made a bomb threat against then-Governor Scott Walker in 2018 that prompted an evacuation of the Republican’s office in the State Capitol will have plenty of time behind bars to reflect on his thinking.

On Friday, the Wisconsin Department of Justice announced that 53-year-old Terrance Grissom received a sentence of three years along with two years of extended supervision for his role in the April 2018 bomb scare.

Grissom was already doing time for making other threats against officials when he sent a letter to the Dane County District Attorney’s Office claiming that there was a remotely controlled explosive device inside the governor’s office and that he could kill the governor with the push of a button.

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“The Wisconsin Department of Justice today announced that Dane County Circuity Court Judge John Hyland sentenced Terrance Grissom, 53, to three years of incarceration and two years of extended supervision for his role in a 2018 bomb scare threat against the Governor. Mr. Grissom pled guilty to Bomb Scare, as a Habitual Criminal on December 7, 2023. Judge Hyland sentenced Mr. Grissom on December 14, 2023, this sentence runs consecutive to his present sentences,” the state DOJ said in a statement.

“On April 9, 2018, a letter was delivered in the mail to the Dane County District Attorney’s Office from Mr. Grissom who was a state prison inmate. The letter stated that there was a bomb in the Governor’s office that will go off at the push of a button and he will die. Capitol Police immediately evacuated the Governor’s Office, the Lt. Governor’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office in the capitol. A bomb sniffing canine was brought in and it was determined there was no threat,” the statement read.

“Those who make criminal threats to harm others must be held accountable,” Attorney General Josh Kaul said. “Bomb scares are serious offenses, and I’m thankful to everyone involved in the investigation and prosecution of this case.”

“In the letter to the DA’s office, Grissom had affixed a return address sticker with his name and prison identification number and the address of the Waupun Correctional Institution,” according to the criminal complaint. “Court records show Grissom has several convictions for threatening judges or making bomb threats in Dane, Dodge and Brown counties over the past 15 years.”

“According to a criminal complaint, Grissom’s outgoing mail had been monitored until just before the threatening letter was sent,” the Wisconsin State Journal reported at the time of the incident.

“Waupun Capt. Craig Theander told investigators that he was familiar with Grissom, who had sent out threatening letters once a month. He said there was ‘zero credibility’ to the threats because Grissom’s only visitors were his aunt and his mother,” according to the outlet.

Walker, the 45th governor of “America’s Dairyland” held the office from 2011 to 2019 and was at one time considered a potential Republican presidential candidate but those hopes flamed out along with over a dozen others during the 2016 primaries when a certain political outsider named Donald J. Trump arrived on the scene.

Chris Donaldson


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