Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces amendment that would end America’s role as ‘the piggybank of the world’

America First took a swing at Democrat pet projects treating taxpayer pocketbooks as “the piggybank of the world” with a callout of $1.6 billion spent on a particular African health crisis.

The exorbitant spending on Ukraine may have stolen the spotlight for the ever-present argument on congressional misuse of money carved away from voters’ paychecks, but it was far from the only pork that remained on the budgeting menu.

In seeking to quell the out-of-control generosity that Washington, D.C. swamp creatures have employed with the hard-earned money of others, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) drew attention to $1.6 billion from which HIV/AIDS was being combatted in Africa.

“I introduced an amendment to cut $1.6 billion from wasteful USAID (United States Agency for International Development) spending,” the congresswoman captioned a clip speaking on the House floor during a session on the Fiscal Year 2025 Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act.

“USAID sends American tax dollars all over the world to fund leftist priorities while America’s borders are wide open and people are dying because of it,” she went on while from the chamber she could be heard saying, “In Tanzania, USAID helped access 7.8 million in private sector financing for private clinics. This investment resulted in 35% increase in HIV testing and over 10,000 patients tested and 100% of positive patients linked to care.”

“In Nigeria, USAID engaged in private pharmacies to provide HIV treatment,” Greene went on. “Meanwhile, the fentanyl drug crisis continues to rage across America, but we continue to fund USAID with billions of dollars to address AIDS and other diseases all over the world.”

“We should be caring about Americans, and we should be funding the treatment for Americans here at home from a weapon of mass destruction that is murdering Americans every single day. The American tax people are funding this, and the American tax people want their problems solved,” she added. “They want Americans protected. They wanna feel safe and secure at home, not to be the piggybank of the world — which is what USAID is.”

During the same remarks about her amendment, Greene had called for USAID Administrator Samantha Power, formerly United States Ambassador to the United Nations during the Obama administration, to have her salary defunded for using the billions appropriated to the agency to advance leftist ideologies.

“Under Samatha Power, USAID has installed diversity, equity and inclusion advisers in all bureaus, offices and overseas missions, and created an agency-wide dashboard and DEI scorecards to track staff compliance with the administration’s DEI directives,” contended the Georgia congresswoman. “These blatantly political scorecards demand ideological conformity and should have no place in the government workplace or elsewhere.”

“Furthermore, Samantha Power has repeatedly met with influential left-wing foundations while serving in the role,” she went on. “According to nearly 700 pages of internal calendar entries obtained by Fox News, Power met with George Soros’ Open Society Foundation multiple times. Of course she did. She also met with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations at least five times. She also held meetings with several other powerful groups, like the Ford and Rockefeller foundations. Power’s intimate association with these entities exemplifies how the Biden administration, its officials and agencies keep close contact with left-wing outside groups who help execute extreme policy initiatives.”

Of the more than 130 countries funded in 2022 through more than $40 billion appropriated to USAID, Greene wondered, “Imagine if this money went to Americans — who by the way are paying for it — instead of foreign countries. Maybe we could solve some of the problems we have here at home.”

Kevin Haggerty


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