Van Jones reminds Dems there’s a ‘high likelihood a Biden victory ultimately means Kamala Harris will be president’

President Joe Biden’s insurance policy gone awry had CNN commentator Van Jones raising the double edge of the debate disaster and what it could mean for the future Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Do you feel good about that?”

(Video: CNN)

Between inappropriately-timed cackling and spewing word salads, the dismal favorability rating of Harris had long been considered by many to be job security for Biden. However, as talks of the 25th Amendment circulated in earnest, the onetime Green Jobs czar for then-President Barack Obama concluded an age-induced promotion was inevitable for the vice president if another term was won.

Friday on “CNN NewsNight with Abby Phillip,” the host prompted Jones about the opinion that re-election of the Biden-Harris administration leaned heavily on the latter, “This has been something that they have described as a conservative talking point, a hitjob, that she’s really the one on the ballot. But it seems like, at this very moment, that is true.”

“Yeah, because, look, Joe Biden did a great job today, and that was a relief for a lot of people, but it’s hard to unsee yesterday,” noted the commentator sounding every bit like first lady Jill Biden who’d all-but handed the president a gold star for his effort saying after the debate, “You did a great job, Joe! You answered every question. You knew all the facts.”

“And it’s hard to imagine the guy you saw yesterday making it four-and-a-half more years. And so, you do have to acknowledge, there is a high likelihood that a Joe Biden victory ultimately means Kamala Harris will be president,” he determined before presenting questions for reflection, “So, people need to make the decision, do you feel comfortable? Do you feel good about that?”

Supporting a widespread belief that the timing of the debate had been purposefully selected to allow for the Democratic Party to finally admit that Biden no longer had all the lights turned on upstairs, the same corporate media that had long laid cover for the president began rolling out the message that it was time the incumbent at least bow out of the race.

On Friday, even The New York Times editorial board had run an op-ed describing the candidacy as a “reckless gamble” and the man as a “shadow of a great public servant,” admitting, “Mr. Biden is not that man he was four years ago.”

That had been readily apparent with those willing to pay attention before Thursday, but undeniable as of the debate as seen in a montage of moments compiled by former President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Before Phillip would go on to share that Harris had an unfavorable rating of 57% according to a Fox News poll conducted from June 14-17, Jones had attempted to defend the vice president’s reputation by arguing in recent months she had performed well on the public stage, but that, “sometimes the public’s opinion of someone isn’t catching up to their performance.”

Kevin Haggerty


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