Mass shooting at Walmart leaves wake of bloody bodies, at least 7 dead

An investigation is underway in Virginia where at least seven were reported dead at a Walmart after a suspect many believe was a 31-year-old manager opened fire late Tuesday night: “manager come in there–started cappin’ people up in there.”

Shortly after 10 pm at a Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart police arrived on the scene of what was reported as an active shooter situation. Chesapeake police spokesman MPO Leo Kosinski spoke with reporters and explained, “As police arrived on scene, they realized it was an active shooter situation and we had to change our tactics.”

Multiple outlets have confirmed at least seven fatalities following the tragedy with one body found at the entrance to the store and six others within, one of whom is believed to be the suspect. After 30 to 45 minutes, Kosinski explained, the building had been thoroughly checked and police believe it was “a single shooter, and we believe that shooter is deceased at this time.”

Meanwhile, a live stream had been started by a man appearing to be one of the employees of the Walmart where the individual asserted that the suspect was an employee at the location.

“It was the manager. One of the managers,” he could be heard alleging in the video.

“I just left out the break room, manager come in there–started cappin’ people up in there, started shooting bro,” he was heard saying as coworkers were also seen reacting to the tragedy and naming peers they believed were among the victims.

Warning: Language

“We just lost a few of our associates. I don’t know how many,” the man went on to say before he later spoke with The Daily Mail and expressed, “It was a traumatic experience.”

Fox 3 Now also reported the accounts of multiple eyewitnesses and named the alleged shooter as Andre Bing, a 31-year-old night manager at the location.

However, prior to those reports, the City of Chesapeake put out a statement reiterating that the investigation was still ongoing: “We’re only a few hours into the response, so we don’t have all the answers yet. Chesapeake Police continue their investigation into the active shooter event at Walmart on Sam’s Circle. We do know there are multiple fatalities plus injuries and the shooter is confirmed dead.”

In addition to those who tragically died, at least five others suffered wounds resulting in transport to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital for treatment.

“It’s sad. We’re a couple of days before the Thanksgiving holiday,” Kosinski said.

Walmart released a statement assuring that they would do what they can to aid in the investigation and to support the employees impacted by the shooting. “We are shocked at this tragic event at our Chesapeake, Virginia store. We’re praying for those impacted, the community and our associates. We’re working closely with law enforcement, and we are focused on supporting our associates.”

Additionally, political figures spoke up without full knowledge of the events that transpired and while some did so tastefully, others resorted yet again to blaming guns.

A news conference has been scheduled for 8 am Wednesday where updates on the investigation are expected to be provided.

Kevin Haggerty


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