‘Joyful Warrior’ Kamala mocked over ‘sham’ trip to Asia, embarrassing photo-ops

“Joyful warrior” Vice President Kamala Harris visited the Philippines this week to ostensibly promote gender equity and climate change, but according to Fox News host Jesse Watters, that wasn’t her real mission.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime” this Tuesday, the eponymous host began a segment by describing Harris’ visit abroad.

“A few thousand miles away, our vice president shaking things up in the Philippines. Kamala Harris went to Asia this week to talk about gender equity and climate change. And of course, anytime Kamala goes overseas, she likes to share some of her philosophy with the locals,” he said.

In other words, the vice president has been using her trip to the Philippines to spout her usual nonsensical word salads, including one about her being a “joyful warrior.”

“I call myself a joyful warrior. Never let anyone take your joy from you. You do what you got to do,” she said at one point during her trip.

But it was all a sham, according to Watters.

“We found out what her real mission was, and it wasn’t global warming, women’s rights, or any of that. That was cover. Her trip had nothing to do with solar panels or gender equity. Kamala’s real mission was American military expansion. Biden’s building bases in the Philippines right by the South China Sea,” he said.

“He’s building three military bases and wants to build at least five more. And the White House is trying to mask this raw power projection as a women’s rights retreat. Now America is on a collision course with China, but the Democrats are afraid of their base — their base believes American power is bad  — so the administration sends Kamala to ‘woke wash’ the whole trip,” he added.

All this is true.

“The United States is seeking an expansion of its military presence in the Philippines under a 2014 defense pact, U.S. and Philippine officials said, one of the initiatives Vice President Kamala Harris launched Monday during her visit to America’s oldest treaty ally in Asia,” according to the Associated Press.

Watters then invited former Trump administration official Kellyanne Conway onto the show to hear her take.

(Source: Video screenshot)

Conway first slammed Harris for wasting so much jet fuel and embarrassing America.

“She embarrassed us yet again. She can embarrass us from here. Everybody else is on Zoom or the telephone. They don’t need to keep expanding the carbon footprint and, to quote Kamala Harris, ‘violate norms and rules’ for the climate change folks by flying all around the world,” she said.

Conway then zeroed in on Harris’ word salads.

“And every time she shows up, you know a multi-syllabic word salad is on the menu. But this time it’s particularly vexing for me because, if the idea is to go and send China a message that we’re watching their military build-up in the Philippines, did we really send this woman to look at people with fish on their head and to watch kids dancing and to do her part Oprah, part therapy session — I’m a joyful warrior don’t let anybody take your joy away?” she asked.

“This doesn’t build confidence. And by the way, is she actually batting cleanup for Joe Biden who refused to hold Xi Jinping to account on fentanyl, on the origins of COVID, on the treatment of the Uyghurs, a religious minority in China? What they’re doing with Taiwan,” she added.

Indeed, President Joe Biden recently spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping but refused to confront him about anything.

“He apparently didn’t do any of that. And then we send her there to send China a message. I don’t think anyone in China, beginning with its leader for life, is any less afraid and any less likely to do what they’re doing with their military buildup because we sent her there,” Conway continued.

“This is a woman who wasn’t welcome in the swing states in her own country to campaign for unimpressive candidates. And as she’s there, not only are the feminists here not paying much attention to her women’s rights gender equity trip, a female reporter at Slate is the latest to call forward Biden to bounce Kamala off the ticket,” she added.

All this said, Harris did accomplish one small thing while overseas. According to NBC News, she vowed that the United States will stand by the Philippines’ side “in the face of intimidation and coercion in the South China Sea.”

“We must stand up for principles such as respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, unimpeded lawful commerce, the peaceful resolution of disputes,” she said.

“We will continue to rally our allies and partners against unlawful and irresponsible behavior. When the international rules-based order is threatened somewhere, it is threatened everywhere,” she added.

Of course, whether the Biden administration will actually stick to this red line remains to be seen …

Vivek Saxena


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