Matteo: Hating America on its Birthday

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Yesterday was Independence Day and normally it’s a day of celebration for Americans; however, in keeping with the divisive wokeness of what has become all too commonplace in America many individuals took to social media to express their hatred for their country.

One poster on Facebook posted a photo of a teacher from the movie “Dazed and Confused” where the teacher said this to the students, “This summer, when you’re being inundated with all this American bicentennial Fourth Of July brouhaha, don’t forget what you’re celebrating, and that’s the fact that a bunch of slave-owning, aristocratic, white males didn’t want to pay their taxes.” – Dazed and Confused

Another poster wrote, “F*CK America,” and there were countless other abrasive comments of Americans showing extreme contempt for their homeland that affords them the right to make such comments.

America is a place where people are free to agree to disagree. The fact that there are many countries in the world where people could be punished for expressing this kind of negative rhetoric is something that people who make these types of remarks should consider before they post their hateful sentiments about the place where they reside.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, only 38% of Americans are “extremely proud” to be Americans. I’m sure that part of this lack of love for the country stems from pro-choice citizens as a reaction to the recent Supreme Court decision to make abortion a states’ rights issue. A second factor is the dismal economic conditions. A Harris Harvard Poll in June reported that 71% of respondents felt the economy was “on the wrong track” and many were suffering as a result. When people suffer financially and are unable to pay their bills, of course they will react angrily and negatively. Yet, the economy is in such a state due to the policies and executive orders of the man many of these complainers voted for, Joe Biden. This is indeed a literal example of the phrase, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

The trend to express hatred for America is prevalent among younger Americans who cite America’s “racist history” as their reason for their scorn for America. Students take a cynical approach toward patriotism because they have been told by teachers and professors in elementary, middle, high school, and colleges that America is a country founded on evil notions, so it is no shock that many younger people have disdainful views about their country.

One of the most popular books in American history classes for the past several decades is Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States,” which was written by a man who had no love for America, and even admitted that it was not objective. However, I’m sure that most liberal teachers and professors teach this propaganda as if it was unbiased and factual history when it is merely the rantings of an anti-American socialist.

Earlier in the week, I saw a Facebook post that stated the following about the Constitution: “This is your periodic reminder that the U.S. Constitution was written by a handful of rich dudes who didn’t know what atoms were, practiced medicine based on the four humors, had no idea that dinosaurs existed, used guns that fired four rounds per minute, regarded women as literal property, and would have considered a light bulb to be pure witchcraft.”

There are numerous logical fallacies committed in this statement, and it’s an exercise in historical relativism. The Constitution was a brilliant piece of writing and legislation that has existed for over two centuries and it was created at a time when most other governments around the world were dictatorial monarchies. It was written by men who are now being vilified because it’s fashionable to trash historical figures who were white and male. Yet, the brilliance of this document is that it corrected the serious flaws in the Articles of Confederation. It created a balanced system of federalism and allowed for both states’ rights as well as a strong federal government that kept the nation from falling apart.

Some people claim that the Constitution should be changed or trashed and completely rewritten. Who would do this? AOC, Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, Chuck Schumer? These mental midgets would have trouble reading and understanding the founding documents, let alone attempting to construct a system of government that would endure and change with changing times.

The brilliance of James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, etc. and their predecessors who impacted the ideas that formulated the U.S. Constitution included Enlightenment thinkers that included Rousseau, Montesquieu, Locke and other insightful men whose ideas were far ahead of their time and far more intelligent that many of those who currently serve in the U.S. Congress or in the Biden Cabinet. Sadly, this isn’t what students are being taught by their woke professors who have turned the value of a college education into a piece of paper that has the value of confetti.

American history is not without its issues and atrocities, and responsible teachers can teach this as a lesson about how America has evolved and to learn from the mistakes of the past.  Any teacher who teaches that America is more racist now than it was during the 1800s or during the mid-1900s is selling a false narrative with the intention of creating anti-Americans, which is what the disciples of Zinn have been taught. Slavery, women’s right to vote, the Trail of Tears, as well as what happened to Japanese Americans during WWII are definitely horrific issues that should be taught not to encourage young people to hate or disrespect their country, but to make present-day America a great nation that delivers on the promises of equality, prosperity and justice. History cannot be changed, but to revise it with half-truths and lies to instill feelings of hatred or shame is not the purpose of why history is taught and anyone who does this should be removed from the classroom.

Independence Day is an important day that recognizes the birth of a nation that has been a world leader for over a century. It celebrates the story of those colonists who defied one of the most powerful nations on the earth, at that time, to gain liberty and form a nation that endured its share of struggles so that Americans can have a far better quality of life than others who live in countries that do not afford them the privileges and comforts shared by most Americans. This is why Americans should be proud!


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