Mayor Eric Adams snaps at citizen critic of his migrant policies: ‘You have an accent’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is making headlines again for all the wrong reasons after snapping at a critic of his migrant crisis policies, informing her she had an accent during a fiery exchange.

The incident occurred on Wednesday evening following a tribute to late singing legend Tony Bennett at Athens Park in Astoria.

Adams was confronted by a Honduran native and Queens Republican activist named Marie Lynch. She flatly accused him of catering to illegal immigrants.

“Why are you treating illegal aliens better than you are treating Americans? Why are you destroying the city with illegal aliens?” Lynch asked Adams, according to a recording obtained by the New York Post.

“Oh, man,” Adams responded with a verbal groan.

That only incensed Lynch further.

“Don’t `Oh man me,’” she told the touchy mayor.

“Why are you destroying our city and providing for illegal aliens when our veterans and the mentally ill are on the street around the corner from here?” the Honduran woman demanded.

That’s when Adams stepped in it once again… big time.

“You know what?” Adams replied. “You have an accent.”

“Yes, I have an accent. I’ll tell you why. I work here and never asked for a dime from anybody,” Lynch clapped back.

In response to that statement, Adams disingenuously retorted that “They [migrants] don’t want to ask for a dime, either.”

“Yes, they do,” Lynch told him. “You’re giving them free medical care, free housing.”

When asked about the confrontation, City Hall naturally defended the mayor once again concerning his comment about Lynch’s accent.

“As the mayor very often says, unless you’re of indigenous descent, your family came from somewhere else. It’s true of the vast majority of New Yorkers. That’s the only point the mayor was making,” Adams’ spokesman Fabien Levy lamely contended.

The New York Post interviewed Lynch who stated that she “came to the United States with her family ‘legally’ when she was 14, and while she wasn’t concerned about Adams pointing out her non-native English accent, it could be considered an ‘ethnic slur.'”

Adding to Adams’ lengthy list of woes and missteps, City Hall just announced that it’s opening another migrant shelter and is getting blasted for it. They are calling it a temporary 90-day “respite center” and it will be located at the former St. Agnes School in College Point, Queens.

“There’s no plan. There’s no end game here. I’d like to put these migrant facilities by Biden’s house in Delaware,” New York City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino (R-Queens) raged after the news broke, according to the New York Post.

“This city must suspend our sanctuary city status and duty to house via emergency declaration, and begin refusing migrant transports, and the Governor must assist this city in removing migrants and assist with housing them elsewhere,” Paladino declared.

City Hall stated that the 109th Precinct will have a squad car present on-site at all times, according to Paladino.

New York City is being flooded by illegal immigrants. Over 90,000 of them have found their way to the Big Apple since last year. The city can reportedly no longer handle the sheer number of migrants looking for assistance and shelter despite being a so-called sanctuary city.

“New York City continues to receive thousands of asylum seekers each week, and we have stepped up and led the nation, but this national crisis should not fall on cities alone to navigate. We need a national solution here,” a seemingly impotent Adams declared.

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