Megyn Kelly DRAGS Clinton-enabler Stephanopoulos down memory lane after disgraceful Nancy Mace treatment

A Clinton “enabler’s” behavior during an interview with a congressional rape victim was eviscerated by Megyn Kelly after he dared “pretend to have the moral high ground.”

(Video: The Megyn Kelly Show)

Monday’s installment of the commentator’s podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show” wasted no time segueing from the Academy Awards to a wholly different award-worthy performance when ABC News’ “This Week” featured a challenge to one South Carolina Republican’s endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

“Our final Oscar for sanctimonious leftists pretending they are better than you is a dark horse contender when you consider he’s not even an actor; George Stephanopoulos,” said Kelly after slamming the ceremony’s host Jimmy Kimmel and actor Robert De Niro for their own recent displays of TDS.

“It’s such an opportunity when you can use a woman’s rape against her,” the host permeated sarcasm as she introduced a clip of the former Clinton White House communications director’s interview with Rep. Nancy Mace where he had played her own testimony on being a victim of rape before spending the majority of a nearly 10-minute back-and-forth challenging her on support for the GOP leader.

“What a kind, sensitive man who clearly cares deeply about women and their sexual assault allegations. Thanks for being an ally, George,” Kelly snarked. “I see how concerned you are that victims might not come forward if they are publicly attacked by their rapist or his defenders.”

“To be sure, that is a very real concern. It happens all the time, which you know because you invented it,” she leveled of the self-described Clinton enabler. “Remember when you created a whole command center designed to smear Bill Clinton’s sexual assault and rape accusers so you could elevate him right into the presidency?”

Naming a litany of accusers of Clinton that included Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones, the commentator proceeded to lay out how it was “at Hillary Clinton’s direction, you and James Carville formed a so-called ‘war room’ thats purpose was ‘to destroy any woman that would challenge Bill Clinton.'”

On social media, Kelly added to her takedown of the shameful interview and posted, “George & ABC may not have kept the receipts on his smear & destroy campaign against Bill Clinton’s sexual assault accusers, but we did. ‘How dare [Nancy Mace] endorse Trump?’ How dare HE pretend to have the moral high ground here.”

That included laying out the circumstances surrounding the accusations brought by Jones, whom Kelly said then-Arkansas Gov. Clinton had “summoned…to a Little Rock hotel room through state troopers and took out his penis — a charge Clinton denies, just as Trump denies E. Jean Carroll’s allegations.”

“What do you think he wanted done with that thing? Just a little show and tell?” she wondered before later asking, “And you? Did you defend her saying, ‘We don’t shame accusers’? No, you compared Jones to Tonya Harding as, quoting here from The New York Times, ‘just another woman seeking cash for telling a tabloid tale.'”

“Fire up the war room and destroy her,” the host asserted.

To Mace’s interview and the congresswoman’s response, Kelly went on to state, “She was right. You were out of line. You were offensive, especially when the other guy — you know, your guy Joe Biden — has been accused of rape as well, George.”

“Trust me, I know. I interviewed his alleged victim,” she said in reference to former Biden Senate staffer Tara Reade. “Maybe you missed it because ABC, where you are and were the chief political correspondent, was the only network not to acknowledge or run a single soundbite from our blockbuster interview when it hit and made international headlines.”

Kelly, who closed out her takedown of Stephanopoulos suggesting he “undoubtedly” voted for Biden after also maintaining his support for Clinton, was lauded for exposing the extent of the corporate media hypocrisy.

The entirety of the segment can be viewed below via Kelly’s YouTube channel:


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