Megyn Kelly tells ‘national disgrace’ sports columnist to ‘shut the f–k up’

A USA Today sports columnist was ripped by journalist Megyn Kelly who told her to “shut the f–k up” over transgenders competing in women’s sports.

After South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley expressed her support of biological men competing in women’s sports, columnist Nancy Armour praised her as a “goddamn national treasure.”

“I’m of the opinion of, if you’re a woman, you should play. If you consider yourself a woman and you want to play sports or vice versa, you should be able to play. That’s my opinion. You want me to go deeper?” Staley had said during a press conference over the weekend.

Staley reacted to the response on X:

The host of SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show tore into the columnist in a discussion with BlazeTV’s Stu Burguiere and columnist Dave Marcus.

“There’s this columnist over at USA Today, sports, Nancy Armour, who’s a repeat violator of women’s rights,” Kelly said.

“You’re a goddamn national disgrace, Madam, because you have a pen in a very large newspaper, dwindling though by the day, and you too could stand up for women but you’re too cowardly to do it,” she added.

“And you know why?” Kelly continued.

“You’re not a mother. You don’t have to worry about your daughter having to face some six-foot-four man out on the basketball court like I do. So I don’t want to hear from you,” she exclaimed.

“Nancy Armour’s bio, she calls herself a proud aunt of three boys – she doesn’t even have nieces – and she says, ‘I don’t have all the answers, but I’m always looking for more of them.’ I’ve got one for you, Nancy. Shut the f–k up until you know what you’re talking about, because girls are getting hurt by male basketball players posing as girls,” a visibly angered Kelly argued.

“I take you out to Massachusetts, where Lowell was playing in a game, the Lowell school was playing in a game, and they had to call it at the half because three players got hurt. Look at this girl in the black shirt go down. That’s a man pretending to be a girl who took the ball from her. Look at her. You watch this, Nancy, Dawn! You two watch this! Look at her writhing in pain after she was injured by a boy pretending to be a girl,” Kelly said as video clips showed the plays she was referring to.

“I’m so sick of these women who are so terrified of the woke mob,” Kelly added.

Frieda Powers


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