Michael Matteo: Time to get mad!

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One of my favorite movies is “Network,” a 1976 film that is about many of the issues that plague America today in different forms.  The highlight of the movie is when unhinged TV newsman, Howard Beale, uses his program to discuss all the ills of America and urges people to get mad and scream the phrase, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore” out of their windows.

Today, America faces many issues to make us all “mad as hell” and 45 years after this epic film was released, it’s time for people to get mad, very mad!  They need to get mad at the tyranny of the minority (this has nothing to do with race, but is actually about a small percentage of deviant individuals and poverty pimps who constantly demand that the majority does what they want it to do.)

It’s time for people to rise up and demand that career politicians whose approval ratings are in the teens, but who have rigged the game so that their reelection rates are in the mid 90 percentile, get the “gift” of term limits.

It’s time to stop bending over for those who insist on their rights being observed while censoring or denying others their right to voice dissent.  Universities that promote these kinds of practices must have federal funding eliminated.

It’s time that school boards that employ teachers who allow explicit sexual materials, force an agenda that promotes victimization, vilify children because of their race in their classrooms, and insist that students conform to subjective political beliefs to get good grades are held accountable and are fired.

It’s time that privileged hypocrites like mask-less AOC, who attends $30,000 per person galas but wears a dress that has “tax the rich” printed on it are called out and demand that school children wear masks on their phony behavior.

It’s time to point out the damage done by race-baiters who use race and the battle cry of “systemic racism” to enrich themselves by writing books and giving speeches that line their pockets with millions of dollars for promoting a divisive agenda that only serves their personal bank accounts.

It’s time to boycott athletes and celebrities who live privileged lifestyles, but feel it is their job to lecture everyone else about poverty (which they know nothing about because they are paid so much more than the average American worker), global warming (when they travel first class in planes and ride in limousines), and other issues for which they adopt a “do as I say, not as I do” approach.

It’s time to expose the lies of those who form organizations to deal with supposed social issues but allow them to receive millions of dollars in donations that they use to elevate themselves, but do nothing for those they believe are being treated unjustly.

It’s time to say “NO” to spineless woke corporations whose agendas are more about virtue signaling and faux social justice than about using their corporations to make a good product.

It’s time to stop being in fear of those who use labels and people’s fears of being labeled to bully them into being silent.

It’s time for good, decent people of all races from all walks of life to rise up and combat those who see nothing right in America in spite of all the evidence that people from truly oppressed areas of the world would die trying to enter our beloved country.

It’s time for electorates to vote out bureaucrats who make excuses for crime, blame others for their ineptitude, and have turned American cities into cesspools of homelessness, violence and poverty.

It’s time to stop creating new classes of victims and for people to deny their own personal accountability in failure and to teach people that life is hard, it can be unfair and the only way to succeed in life is to not give up; it’s not a sin to fail, but it is a sin to quit or blame others when you do fail.

It’s time to stop looking towards government as the savior of society because history has shown us that government is more likely to make problems worse than it is to solve problems.

It’s time to turn off TV’s, stop reading columns, and point out the subjective nature of so-called journalists who push a left-wing agenda that does not report news in an objective and factual fashion but instead must put a spin on every story that panders to their left-wing subscribers instead of reporting facts accurately and in an unbiased manner.

It’s time to stop paying for the security services of those legislators who want to defund or eliminate the police.  If the average citizen is not protected, why should anyone else be protected with taxpayer dollars?

Apathy, divisiveness, and ignorance got us where we are today, and the first step in combatting the issues that put America at risk is and for the silent majority to get angry.  Decades of silence allowed universities and schools to be taken over by the left and parents are finally mobilizing to take school boards to task.  Silence is what allowed people to change words to suit “progressive” agendas and silence is what has turned so many cities into warzones.  Silence has allowed qualified individuals to be denied jobs and spots at universities under the guise of “diversity.”

The words of Howard Beale are as appropriate today as they were when they were shouted 45 years ago into televisions, and even though some of the issues have changed, the outcome will be dismal if Americans don’t get angry and allow their voices to be heard through debates and challenging those whose myopic view will take the same nation that has been a world leader for over a century and transform it into a nation of whiners whose greatest concern is the censoring of cartoons, confusion over which bathroom to use or whose emotional fragility requires safe rooms when they hear something they don’t like.  This is hardly the nation of courageous young people who fought and died on the sands of Iwo Jima or stormed the beaches at Normandy.  The choice is simple, stand up and be heard, or remain silent and watch America disintegrate into a third-world nation.


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