Mika Brzezinski chides Al Sharpton for comparing campus chaos to J6: ‘For some reason that’s not allowed’

In a moment of clarity, the Rev. Al Sharpton compared the current anti-Israel protests to the events of Jan. 6, 2021, and was quickly rebuked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The far-left MSNBC host lamented that Democrats were relinquishing the “moral high ground” by not denouncing the chaos and rioting at college campuses as pro-Palestine demonstrations continue to unfold.

As show host Joe Scarborough urged Democrats to speak out against the violence, Sharpton chimed in.

“The politics of that, what is being robbed by them not doing that, Joe, where you and I agree. How do the Democrats, how do all of us on that side say January 6th was wrong if you can have the same pictures going on on college campuses, you lose the moral high ground,” he observed.

But his reality check triggered co-host Mika Brzezinski.

“Good Lord, don’t make a parallel to January 6th,” she said before adding, “For some reason that’s not allowed.”

It’s interesting to note that one day before Brzezinski had made the same observation.

“That’s the place we’ve all been sitting in, watching this, going, ‘What the hell is going on? What are these universities doing? Why aren’t they doing something?’ And I’ll echo the horror that this does look like January 6th. What a terrible example for our students,” she said on “Morning Joe” Tuesday.

Sharpton criticized the students who have made the protests about themselves and essentially “lost the message” they claimed to have as their cause.

“Anytime what you are protesting for becomes secondary to what you are doing, then you really aren’t protesting for it,” he said on Thursday’s show, pointing out how the anti-Israel protesters have “become the cause.”

“It’s about them, it’s not about pushing the cause. They need to ask themselves if they were sincere. Are you really focusing on what’s going on in Gaza, about the children, about the women, about the innocent people, and in Israel? Are you focusing on whether or not you are violent or whether or not you can say the most incendiary statement? How are you guiding this? It’s about them, and I think that they’ve lost the message,” Sharpton said.

Frieda Powers


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