Leftist actress melts down, throws racism card at Nadler for not supporting anti-Israel protesters

Actress Cynthia Nixon pitched a fit on X, taking aim at Rep. Jerrold Nadler for not supporting anti-Israel activists protesting on college campuses, nonsensically comparing that to the idea of white students protesting universities profiting off slavery.

Radical activists eat their own when desperate enough. In this case, it appears that Nixon threw the race card because it was all she could think of to strike back at Nadler who is a dedicated leftist himself.

“I was a student at @Columbia in 1968 when students occupied Hamilton Hall. My classmates, who were draft age and deeply concerned about Vietnam, had a real and personal stake in the protests. And even then, I felt the occupation of campus buildings was wrong—because it violated the civil liberties of the students and faculty who wanted to attend classes or take exams,” Nadler wrote on X.

That incensed Nixon who shot back with a warped attack, “If white students had protested universities profiting off slavery, would that have been justified? Or is protest only ok if done in self-interest? Surely that’s not the lesson here—nor that their civil rights should be abused by violent arrest—something your words help excuse.”

For the left, when activists get involved in a cause their actions seem to always lead to escalating extremism and the justification of it. That’s certainly the case with the increasingly violent protests that are taking place across the nation at college campuses and Nixon is all for it evidently. Her posts on X blame the police for arresting the students, not the actions of the protesters which are illegal.

The actress appears to be rabidly anti-Israel as well.

And when all else fails, blame the Jews for standing up for themselves.

Users on X aren’t buying Nixon’s scripted outrage that justifies the violent protests while at the same time infringes on the rights of others:


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