Mom of 2 killed, 8 kids shot at KC Chiefs parade, but the story won’t be in the media long

A mother of two was among the victims of a mass shooting incident that took place in Kansas City as the reigning NFL champions were celebrating their Super Bowl victory at a parade attended by tens of thousands of fans.

The celebration of the hometown team’s third pro football title in five years turned tragic when three gunmen opened fire at around 3:30 p.m. at Union Station just after superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce, the two heroes had left the stage.

By the time the shooting stopped, over 20 people had been hit with the victims including multiple children with the one confirmed death being beloved local DJ  Lisa Lopez-Galvan of the “Taste of Tejano” program on local radio station KKFI.

(Video: YouTube/Fox 4 Dallas-Ft. Worth)

“It is with sincere sadness and an extremely heavy and broken heart that we let our community know that KKFI DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan, host of Taste of Tejano lost her life today in the shooting at the KC Chiefs’ rally. Our hearts and prayers are with her family,” the station said in a statement posted to its Facebook page. “This senseless act has taken a beautiful person from her family and this KC Community.”

“Lopez-Galvan was in her mid-40s and lived with her husband and two children in the suburb of Shawnee. Her personal Facebook page includes multiple posts and images supporting the Chiefs, which won its second consecutive Super Bowl on Sunday,” according to Fox News.

Three individuals have been detained by authorities, terrorism is not suspected although the exact motivation for the carnage isn’t clear.

“I’m angry at what happened today. The people who came to this celebration should expect a safe environment,” said Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves.

“We are truly saddened by the senseless act of violence that occurred outside of Union Station at the conclusion of today’s parade and rally,” the Kansas City Chiefs organization said in a statement. “Our hearts go out to the victims, their families, and all of Kansas City.”

Chiefs players reacted to the tragedy.

Even as Democrats, anti-gun activists, and their useful idiots exploited the tragedy to push for the disarming of millions of law-abiding Americans, there are signs that like recent transgender-involved shootings, the incident will soon disappear from headlines.

According to images posted to X of the alleged shooters, they appear to be members of a protected demographic that is never held accountable despite its disproportionate involvement in the plague of violent gun crimes that continue to claim the lives of Americans, particularly in Democrat-controlled cities.

As he always does whenever there is a tragic mass shooting, President Joe Biden swooped in like a vulture to exploit the bloodshed to demand new gun restrictions

“The Super Bowl is the most unifying event in America. Nothing brings more of us together. And the celebration of a Super Bowl win is a moment that brings a joy that can’t be matched to the winning team and their supporters. For this joy to be turned to tragedy today in Kansas City cuts deep in the American soul,” said the octogenarian Democrat in a statement.

“It is time to act. That’s where I stand. And I ask the country to stand with me. To make your voice heard in Congress so we finally act to ban assault weapons, to limit high-capacity magazines, strengthen background checks, keep guns out of the hands of those who have no business owning them or handling them.” he said, leaving out the relevant detail that violent thugs will get their hands on guns no matter how many laws are passed.

Chris Donaldson


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