Montel Williams fires back at Tucker for slamming ‘black’ ex-girlfriend, Kamala Harris

(Video: Fox News)

Tucker Carlson on Thursday did what he does best — trigger liberals –when he discussed with frightening accuracy the questionable qualifications of Vice President Kamala Harris to represent the United States in Europe during a time of crisis, suggesting that, while she has experience in dating Montel Williams, she may not be the best choice to handle a border dispute.

“When Kamala Harris speaks get the feeling you’re either too dumb or too smart to understand what she’s saying, but then, within a few sentences, you settle firmly on the latter. What do our European allies think of this? Well, of course, they’ve come to the same conclusion,” he began his “Tucke Carlson Tonight” monologue.

“Less than two weeks ago as all this was brewing, on the brink, the Biden administration sent that person, Kamala Harris, to represent the United States at the Munich Security Conference in Germany and while she was there she assured the world that she and Joe Biden had the situation completely under control. Yes, Putin would like to invade Ukraine, of course he would, but not on her watch. Not while Kamala D. Harris was on the same continent, this continent known as Europe. No way! Harris exuded what novelists call a ‘steely resolve.’ Imagine being first in line for a shoe sale on Black Friday — Kamala Harris had that look. She knew what she wanted and she knew where to find it,” Carlson continued.

“And here’s how she expressed that resolve,” Carlson added. “And yes, this is a verbatim quote from the Munich Security  Conference. Quote: ‘Perhaps this is a moment, as life does present us with those moments, that challenge us to ask what is our reason for being? And I think we all know the history of NATO and its reason for being. The spirit behind this term we use, ‘”the transatlantic community.” The word ‘community,’ meaning a collection, not — a collection of individuals who see themselves as a collection, than as one. And that’s where we are now.'”

The only conclusion one can draw from a statement like that, Carlson stated, is that “whatever crisis they’re talking about at the conference couldn’t be imminent.”

“They must have plenty of time to fix it,” he said, “and that’s why they could afford to send Kamala Harris in the first place because actually, it’s not as big of a deal as it seems.”

Carlson then pointed to comments Harris made two days later, urging Ukraine to join NATO, a move that would most assuredly increase rather than decrease Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

“No sane person would say something like that with Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border. You would have to want an invasion of Ukraine to say something like that and at the time we didn’t think they did want that, so we got it completely wrong,” he stated.

In the end, Carlson wondered why Biden didn’t recognize that “maybe borders aren’t her thing.”

“If you’re looking for someone to date Montel Williams, maybe she’s the person you would choose,” Carlson said. “She could be a solid choice, she’s done it before. Dating Montel Williams — you know — is something that’s within her range of experience. Is she good at it? We can’t say, but she’s done it. But this new gig, de-escalating a world-ending conflict with the nuclear-gone-rogue state? No. No, not when nuclear reactors are on fire. But they’re doing it anyway.”

It was a powerful monologue that illustrated a number of moments during which Harris said either foolish, unintelligible, or cringe-worthy things, and it highlighted the vice president’s failure at our own Southern border. But Montel Williams, the VP’s ex-boyfriend, didn’t pause for a moment to consider any of that. It didn’t concern him — a former Naval intel officer — that, while the world is teetering on the brink of a nuclear catastrophe, Kamala Harris keeps tripping over her own words.

In his response, he didn’t — or couldn’t? — even defend the intelligence and savvy political prowess of his former lover. Because, apparently, in Williams’s mind, Carlson was really questioning Montel Williams’s credentials, and that required a tweet.

No, the important point Williams wanted to make was that Tucker Carlson is a racist. A racist who would probably be an unknown racist if it weren’t for his stepmother’s fish fortune.

“I see @TuckerCarlson retreated to his safe space last night — attacking black women — to distract from walking back his breathless embrace of Putin,” Williams tweeted. “He has spent his life as part of the idle rich, I spent my first career as a Naval intel officer doing counter-Russia work.”

“Tucker would have you believe he discovered Putin was up to no good in Ukraine yesterday,” Williams continued. “Maybe he’s the wrong guy to assess the competence of others.”

Or maybe, Montel… just maybe… you missed the point, and it wasn’t about you at all.

Melissa Fine


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