More bad news for Dems: Poll shows GOP making ‘substantial gains’ among Hispanic voters

With the November midterms rapidly approaching, a new survey from the National Republican Congressional Committee has delivered some terrible news for Democrats: Despite — or perhaps, because of — the Democrats’ pandering and promises of freebies, Hispanic voters are moving towards the GOP.

Exit Polls from 2020 showed Hispanic voters favoring Democrats 63% – 36%, but after a year of life under Biden’s leadership, the NRCC poll reveals that in battleground districts the margin has dropped a whopping 20 points to 44%- 37%.

As the NRCC states, only one conclusion can be drawn from these numbers: “Hispanic voters are moving decisively away from Democrats.”

“Republicans are making substantial gains with Hispanic voters because of our focus on economic issues such as the cost of gas and groceries,” NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer said in a statement. “Republicans are fighting to protect the American Dream while Democrats are pushing a socialist agenda that threatens it.”

While Hispanic voters are evenly split on President Biden’s performance in office, with 46% approving and 46% disapproving, most of those who disapprove, disapprove strongly (37%), compared to just 26% who say they strongly approve.

Biden is underwater with several key Hispanic voter groups, including men (41% approve – 52% do not); moms (43% – 50%); independents (35% – 49%); and voters under the age of 55 (42% – 49%).

As for Vice President Harris, only 23% give her a “strongly favorable” approval, while 39% rate her at “strongly unfavorable.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won the title of “most unpopular Democrat politician” among Hispanics, with 21% strongly supporting her, while 39% strongly disapprove.

And, surprisingly, even Squad Sweetheart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did poorly among Hispanic voters, with just 20% offering their strong support and 31% strongly disapproving of the job she has been doing.

Inflation and parental involvement in their children’s education are of extreme concern to Hispanic voters: 78% say they are either extremely or very concerned about inflation; 74% about the cost of food and groceries; and 70% about soaring cost prices at the gas pumps.

When it comes to whether parents should have a say in what their children are being taught in school, an overwhelming 74% agree they should, with just 22% disagreeing.

And when asked which party they believed is better able to protect the American Dream, more confidence has been shown in Republicans, who lead Democrats by a 41% – 35% margin.

Indeed, Hispanic voters believe Republicans in Congress can better handle every issue they most care about, from jobs and the economy (42% – 35%); to border security (44% – 31%); to rising prices and a higher cost of living (39% – 32%); to crime and public safety (40% – 32%).

It’s devastating news for Demo0crats, who rely heavily on and have tried desperately to court Hispanic voters.

The “Hispanic movement toward Republicans is real,” concludes the NRCC study. “Republicans are winning on the issues that matter most to Hispanic voters and are well-positioned to capitalize on Democrats’ extremely unpopular policies. But this isn’t a done deal. Republican candidates need to continue fighting to win over Hispanic voters with a message focused on the economy and why Republicans are best positioned to protect the American Dream so many Hispanics came to this country to achieve.”

Melissa Fine


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