More crack pipe controversy when Cali man shows off ‘free’ drug paraphernalia: ‘Every Tuesday and Friday’

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A video making the rounds on social media shows a black Hollywood resident displaying drug paraphernalia that he claims is being given out in his community by the Catholic Church as per some government-funded program.

“Every Tuesday and Friday in Hollywood, they have a Catholic church that gives this stuff out. This is where we’re living at, ya’ll, and this is what the government’s doing. Joe Biden said he spent $60 on paraphernalia for drugs. And this is what it looks like,” the man says.

He then proceeds to show several allegedly government-funded baggies containing a meth pipe, a crack pipe, a heroin needle and a “black and mild filter that you put on the crack pipe so you don’t get no one’s saliva so you don’t get sick.”

His explanation prompts someone else standing nearby to say in exasperation, “So they’re like, if you’re going to do drugs, we’re going to give it to you so you do it the proper way so that you don’t get sick.”

Hearing this, the first man laments, “We’re not stopping it. We’re not going to stop it. This is letting you know that this is going to be here. This is what they do.”


As the video seen above began going viral, left-wing critics pushed back by asking for proof that “these kits were disbursed by organizations approved to receive federal funding” and proof that the Biden administration is responsible.

One critic even claimed that the kits were most likely “approved and funded by the previous administration as part of his Platinum Plan,” calling it “crack pipes by Trump.”

Case in point:

FYI, the Platinum Plan involved fostering “opportunity,” “security,” “prosperity” and “fairness” by, as examples, promoting black employment and providing increased federal funding to black colleges.

Moreover, the idea of offering drug paraphernalia (and even drugs) to drug users is part of a so-called “harm reduction” strategy created and promoted exclusively by the left.

This is why you only ever hear about drug addicts receiving government-funded drug paraphernalia in left-wing cities like Portland, Seattle and San Francisco.

Speaking of which, below is a video of Seattle station KTTH reporter and radio show host Jason Rantz speaking on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” almost exactly a year ago about all the paraphernalia being given out by his city’s far-left government:

With all this in mind, why exactly did the gentleman in the video from Hollywood mention Joe Biden? Because his administration was recently caught appropriating money to be used for the purchase and distribution of so-called “smoking kits/supplies.”

While the administration and its media allies have tried to play coy about the meaning of said “smoking kits/supplies,” overwhelming evidence points to said supplies being crack pipes, meth pipes, heroin needles, etc. In other words, the evidence points to the supplies being exactly what the man from Hollywood displayed in the video up top.

After reports about the “smoking kits/supplies” emerged earlier this month, the establishment press sicced its so-called “fact-checkers” on anyone who dared to report the facts. Yet the administration itself eventually fessed up to its intent to fund so-called “smoking kits/supplies” and withdrew the plan because of the backlash.

In response, the same media that denied the legitimacy of the original reporting began to cry foul, claiming that denying drug addicts the tools they need to keep their addictions alive would be harmful to them:

  • The New York Times: “Uproar Over ‘Crack Pipes’ Puts Biden Drug Strategy at Risk”
  • MSNBC: “Fox News’ ‘Biden crack pipe’ freakout is going to kill people”
  • USA Today: “‘Crack pipe’ rhetoric is not only wrong, it’s deadly. Harm reduction efforts save lives.”

Meanwhile, a bipartisan team including Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin introduced a bill, the PIPES Act, that would ban the use of federal funds to purchase “illegal drug paraphernalia, such as needles or crack pipes.”

The logic behind their bill is that enabling a drug user is dumb. But of course, most Democrats and their media allies — including so-called “fact-checkers” — disagree.

Yet these supporters of so-called “harm reduction” efforts have yet to explain why so many addiction centers warn friends and family members of addicts to not be an enabler …


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Vivek Saxena


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