‘Most beloved war criminal’: Protesters await Hillary Clinton visit to alma mater Wellesley College

Clinton cachet appeared to lose some luster as an alma mater honorific was tainted by leftist activists recognizing the “most beloved war criminal.”

(Video: NBC10 Boston)

A history of pandering to extremist elements within their fold appeared to be putting Democrats in a foreign policy pickle. On Saturday, that manifested as yet another Hamas-sympathizing demonstration spoiled a tribute to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the school where she shifted from president of the Young Republicans to a model Alinskyite.

Her appearance at an inaugural panel discussion within the newly minted Hillary Rodham Clinton Center for Citizenship, Leadership and Democracy at Wellesley College was sullied by protesters who, according to The New York Times, held signs that read, “Hillary for Women Unless They’re Palestinian,” and chanted, “Hillary, Hillary, you’re a liar; we demand a cease-fire.”

NBC10 noted that flyers were distributed that identified Clinton as the school’s “most beloved war criminal” and accused the former first lady of having “blood on her hands.”

Ahead of the Saturday protest, Wellesley’s vice president and dean of students, Sheilah Shaw Horton, had issued a statement that expressed, “I encourage all who participate in activism to follow the demonstration policy and be mindful of our Code of Student Conduct so that you remain safe for yourself and for our community.”

However, a protest organizer contended to NBC10 that planned demonstrations were being heavily throttled by the school. “We have been told, pretty repeatedly from administration, that any sort of interruption within the event of Hillary speaking would result in an honor code, which could potentially be a suspension. We’re also not allowed to bring signs inside…and we also have to stand behind specific barriers to protest the event.”

The ire of anti-Israel protesters remained a constant for Democrat figures of late as the Wellesley picketing had followed a similar greeting for the former New York senator and her once-president husband, Bill Clinton, of jeers and charges of being a “superpredator” responsible for “the deaths of millions.”

The Chappaqua couple had descended on the Big Apple for a Broadway preview turned stump event for President Joe Biden where they were met by members of the mob who peppered them with questions like, “Hillary. Hillary Clinton, hi. Has anyone told you you are the superpredator?”

“Bill Clinton. You’re a genocide supporter. F*ck you, you piece of sh*t,” said another as someone added, “Clinton, you are responsible for genocides, you are responsible for atrocities. You’re literally helping f*cking facilitate the genocide of Palestinian people. What the f*ck do you have to say for yourself? The f*ck you have to say, Hillary?”

The rash of similar events that had plagued Clinton since the Oct. 7 terror attack came as Biden endeavored to placate the like-minded within the ranks of the Democratic Party with a continued shift away from clearcut support of Israel toward a pressure campaign of appeasement as tensions escalated in the Middle East and, after six months, hostages remained in captivity.

Kevin Haggerty


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