MSNBC upset that DeSantis referred to Jacksonville killer as a ‘scumbag’

Democrats and their left-wing propagandists in the media are pushing the narrative that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was somehow at fault for the tragic shooting in Jacksonville over the weekend, with one MSNBC pundit raging about his choice of words in describing the killer.

On Saturday, a gunman with virulently racist views showed up at a Dollar General location and cold-bloodedly shot three black people, leaving behind a manifesto expressing hatred for blacks, a horrific act that was strongly condemned by DeSantis who referred to the shooter as a “scumbag,” a term that triggered MSNBC correspondent Trymaine Lee.

Lee appeared on Tuesday’s edition of “Andrea Mitchell Reports” where he discussed the incident with the veteran commentator, lashing out at the Sunshine State Republican for not condemning the phantom menace of “white supremacy” which is a bogeyman that largely exists inside of the heads of race-obsessed leftists.

(Video: MSNBC)

“And yesterday, Governor DeSantis, in Florida, facing audible boos at a Jacksonville vigil for the three victims. At the vigil, DeSantis called the gunman a scumbag and Jeffrey Rumlin, a Jacksonville pastor who spoke after DeSantis, was very direct in his response. He said ‘at the end of the day, respectfully, governor, he was not a scumbag, he was a racist.’ What’s your response to that?” Mitchell asked.

“You know, for so many folks, the issue with that language is it places the onus on one individual and the actions of one individual as opposed to a nationwide sickness of white supremacy in the country and the violence it fuels,” Lee responded, failing to mention the national epidemic of black-on-black violence in Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago which claims far more black lives than the concocted “white supremacy” myth.

“As so long as he is a scumbag or as long as there’s a mental health issue you don’t have to engage with the idea that there are, you know, co-conspirators online, co-conspirators who create legislation that divide and other people,” he added, downplaying the national mental health crisis while suggesting that Republican lawmakers are somehow to blame for the actions of one deranged individual.

“There are all these other forces that are contributing to this violence, but as long as the act of one individual is just a scumbag, then you don’t take the true issue head-on,” Lee said.

DeSantis did acknowledge that the actions of the shooter were “racially motivated” but didn’t tie his Dollar General killing spree into the vast “white supremacist” conspiracy that Lee and an army of other race hustlers insist exists in America today.

“The shooting, based on the manifesto that they discovered from the scumbag that did this, was racially motivated. He was targeting people based on their race,” the governor said. “This guy killed himself rather than face the music and accept responsibility for his actions. And so he took the coward’s way out. But we condemn what happened in the strongest possible terms. We’ve offered support for Sheriff Waters and the city of Jacksonville, and we send our condolences to the victims and their families who are the victims of a very cowardly act.”

Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters also kicked back at the left’s narrative.

“The problem is the individual,” he said at a press conference.

“Now, guns are a tool that people use to do horrible things. But, it’s the individuals that wield these things,” the sheriff said, “so we are working hard to try to, to try to stop that. But, in this situation, in this case…there was nothing illegal about him owning firearms.”

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