MSNBC’s Ali Velshi’s Trump fearmongering inspires mockery: ‘Projection is the left’s superpower’

Corporate media doomsaying leaned heavily on scare tactics over the former president while continuing to disregard government weaponization under President Joe Biden.

“…Donald Trump will come for you…”

(Video: YouTube/Mediaite)

While some members of the media undoubtedly continued to suffer from chronic Trump Derangement Syndrome, the propaganda peddled by others demonstrated their delving deliberately into the gaslighting industry. Among the chronic perpetrators of fear-mongering was MSNBC’s Ali Velshi who appeared on the latest installment of the “Mediaite Press Club” podcast to drum up autocratic notions of former President Donald Trump.

“What do you think the stakes are for journalists if Trump is re-elected? Is that something you worry about?” asked host and Mediaite editor-in-chief Aidan McLaughlin.

“I think about it,” intoned the Kenyan- and Canadian-raised MSNBC talking head. “Kash Patel, who’s a key Trump spokesperson, who may have a cabinet position if Donald Trump becomes president, has said, ‘We will go after journalists, civilly and criminally,’ which I think is interesting. What you see in places like the ones you described, other parts of the world — two things. One is they do sometimes go after journalists criminally.”

“This has happened to Maria Ressa in the Philippines, who has won a Nobel Prize for her work in terms of criticizing the government. We hear stories about it at the Committee to Protect Journalists, journalists who walk around their own countries always with a bulletproof vest because they’re worried about the government,” he went on ambiguously. “But the harassment is another department.”

Citing no examples of Trump or his administration doing anything of the sort during his tenure as commander-in-chief, Velshi cautioned, “It’s the idea that suddenly you’re getting audited or suddenly your family’s getting phone calls or threats. You don’t have to implement laws. You just have to scare enough journalists off, to say go cover something else. Go back to covering economics like I did, go cover sports, go cover cooking or whatever the case is. Don’t cover us critically.”

“But this fits into something Donald Trump has been saying about going after his enemies. He uses the term retribution. ‘I am your retribution,’ which sort of mocks what Mussolini said, ‘I’m your avenger.’ So I do think about this,” added the anchor juxtaposing the GOP leader with Italy’s WWII-era fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

Covering all the bases, the MSNBC personality went on to ensure that ordinary Americans were faced with as much of a supposed threat as those in corporate media as he expanded, “I think if you fall into the category of critic, that might mean journalist, might be an opposition leader, might mean prosecutor, might mean witness, might mean juror, might mean anybody.”

“I think there’s some threat that Donald Trump will come for you and the Trump administration will come for you,” Velshi concluded his point.

Meanwhile, just this week it was disclosed that yet another whistleblower appeared to be being made an example of by Biden’s Justice Department when video was released showing special agents from the FBI arriving at the home of a Texas nurse to confront her over opposition to the continued practice of “transgender medicine.”

Likewise, after publishing excerpts from the transgender Covenant School killer, Star News Digital Media CEO Michael Patrick Leahy was summoned to court to explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt for exercising the First Amendment.

Further, within the agency itself, the FBI was alleged to have barred members from receiving security clearances based on their political views according to Empower Oversight president Tristan Leavitt, a representative for whistleblowers decrying practices.

“I think these documents are going to be the tipping point, frankly,” Leavitt had told commentator Tucker Carlson. “I think that the inspector general — we expect that an investigation by the inspector general will open up. We expect that Congress is going to be doing oversight of that and, along with some of these other instances of vindication, I think this summer we’re going to see exposed quite a bit how the FBI…shown such political bias in what they do.”

Summing up Velshi’s dire warnings, social media users hit the nail on the head over the projection.

Kevin Haggerty


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