MSNBC’s Glenn Kirschner predicts ‘easy’ wire fraud charges against Trump are just the appetizer

This time they’ve got him right where they want him, and leftists are salivating over the long-awaited fulfillment of their fantasy of seeing former President Donald J. Trump in an orange jumpsuit and locked down in the basement dungeon of a federal prison.

MSNBC analyst and hardened Trump hater Glenn Kirschner can practically feel it in his bones with Special Counsel Jack Smith meticulously constructing the case that will take Trump off of the political playing field forever and even though he’s been wrong for years, he insists that the wire fraud investigation against the ex-president and his associates is the merely the appetizer for bigger and better things.

The former federal prosecutor appeared on the latest edition of “The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart” where he predicted that the wire fraud charges are “fairly easy charges” to prove and that Trump will soon face the much more severe charge of conspiracy.

During their discussion about the grand jury testimony of former VP Mike Pence, the Washington Post columnist brought up a report by fellow left-wing propaganda rag the New York Times that Smith and his prosecutors are “trying to determine whether Mr. Trump and his aides violated federal wire fraud statutes” in regard to fundraising over alleged election fraud.

(Video: MSNBC)

“The New York Times is now reporting that Jack Smith’s federal prosecutors are investigating whether Trump and his aides violated federal wire fraud statutes by fundraising from false claims of widespread voter fraud. How will this factor in the prosecutor’s decision to press charges?” Capehart asked.

“Y’know, wire fraud is kind of the stock-in-trade of federal prosecutors, if you use the wire, is kind of an old time term. It used to mean the TV, the radio, the telephone,” Kirschner answered. “Now it is the Internet. As part of a scheme to defraud others out of their money. Now, would Donald Trump ever do something like that?”

“Those are fairly easy charges to prove,” he continued. “So I have a feeling you’re going to see a series of wire fraud charges in what I predict will be the larger charge of conspiracy to defraud the United States. Because remember, Jonathan, a federal judge out in California ruled previously there was enough evidence, a preponderance of evidence, that Donald Trump committed the crime of conspiracy to defraud the United States.”

According to the New York Times piece referred to by the host, “federal prosecutors have also been drilling down on whether Mr. Trump and a range of political aides knew that he had lost the race but still raised money off claims that they were fighting widespread fraud in the vote results, according to three people familiar with the matter,” in another Maggie Haberman special based on the usual anonymous sources.

It was just over a month ago that Kirschner assured Capehart that this time, the walls were really closing in on Trump after a D.C. federal judge ordered that former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and other former aides be forced to testify to another grand jury, this one investigating the so-called “insurrection,” picking up where the now-defunct House J6 committee left off.

“But Jonathan, you said in the lead ‘and the walls are closing in on Donald Trump,” the MSNBC legal analyst added. “Undeniably, that is true.”

“It looks like the walls are just about touching at this point, and it would sure be nice to see some indictments pop out from between those walls,” he said. ”

After years of false alerts, they’ve really got him this time.

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