MTG explains why peace in Ukraine ‘not an option,’ says Speaker Johnson’s days ‘are numbered’

A report on a long-term strategy for Ukraine had Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) hinting at the near-term future of House Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R) leadership position.

“Peace is not an option for them…”

Little more than a week after the Louisiana Republican put foreign aid ahead of national sovereignty with the passage of a roughly $95 billion package that included nearly $61 billion for Ukraine, it appeared that securing the next decade of funding was already underway.

Reacting to a report that the United States and its taxpayer fostered unofficial 51st state were in talks about “fixing specific levels of support for this year and for the next ten years,” Greene asserted, “Permanent funding for Ukraine is exactly what they want and Mike Johnson will give it to them.”

Taking to X, the congresswoman who had encouraged constituents to let their representatives know how they really feel about the speaker’s tenure during a week-long return to districts, posted, “Peace is not an option for them because it doesn’t fit the government appropriations war business and economic model, which is vile and disgusting.”

“They’re [sic] plan is keep funding the proxy war with Russian in Ukraine and when that doesn’t work, after all the Ukrainian men have been slaughtered, next they will put American troops on the ground,” she argued before invoking President Joe Biden and Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer. “Johnson will do whatever Biden/Schumer want in order to keep the Speaker’s gavel in his hand, but he has completely sold out the Republican voters who gave us the majority. His days as Speaker are numbered.”

Her post came in direct response to a report pulled from the Ukrainian government that said the nations were working on a “bilateral security agreement,” which author David Sacks assessed, “The next two U.S. presidents won’t be able to switch it off.”

For his part, Johnson had deflected concerns about Greene’s filed motion to vacate and detractors of the outcomes of his negotiations thus far. During an appearance on Fox News with Jesse Watters, he’d attempted to play it cool saying, “I don’t think about her at all.”

Of course, that claim had come after he contended to Fox News host Trey Gowdy over Easter recess that he had been in touch with Greene at the time to “talk early next week” regarding the motion that could be brought to the floor to set up a third speaker election for the 118th Congress.

On her personal social media account, the Georgia lawmaker ripped the speaker even more as she posted Sunday morning, “Mike Johnson has betrayed Republicans so badly, if he remains Speaker he will cost us the House majority. He bowed to Biden giving him everything he wanted and now no one trust [sic] him  to stop the Democrat’s destruction of America. People are saying there is no difference between Johnson and Pelosi.”

“The Republican Party needs to learn the valuable lesson that our voters have been trying to tell them,” added Greene. “Fight with actions that actually stop the madness, not run your mouth and pass messaging bills that do nothing. Give your voters a reason to vote Republican, not reasons to give up and lose hope.”

Kevin Haggerty


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