MTG unloads on Speaker Mike Johnson in fiery rant: ‘Closer and closer to vacating the chair’

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is furious about the newly elected GOP Speaker of the House who could face the same fate as his ousted predecessor Kevin McCarthy.

The Georgia Republican boiled over about the dealings between Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) and scheming Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) as they work together across party lines to hammer out a deal to fund the government.

Greene, who had previously expressed her unease with the new speaker, told Steve Bannon that Johnson has failed Republicans and suggested that she may be mulling the nuclear option, a motion to vacate that could bring an end to his brief tenure as the top House Republican.

During an appearance on Bannon’s “War Room” podcast, she responded to the host’s question about why Republican lawmakers are so squeamish about the possibility of a government shutdown.

“Well they find it embarrassing,” she said. “The press runs around the Capitol every single day and puts this great threat in front of them. Republicans, House Republicans will be blamed for a government shutdown when all reality outside of the bubble of Washington, D.C. regular Americans could care less about a shutdown.”

“Right now Mike Johnson is getting rolled in meeting after meeting after meeting,” Greene added. “When he is talking to Jake Sullivan and Chuck Schumer every day and impressed with these four-corners meetings but he’s not talking to me and other important members in our Republican conference, at all about any of the negotiations and any of the plans and exactly what we want to see done, he’s failing on the job.”

“But the biggest red flag for me Steve right now that has me livid is this deal with Ukraine,” MTG continued. “This is a losing war, it is a losing issue, the American people do not support it. Our border security is not a negotiating tool for the Ukraine war that the Pentagon loves and Joe Biden loves and that the Democrats love and that these RINO neocon Republicans and Nikki Haley is frothing at the mouth over because her donors support it… no no no no no.”

“Mike Johnson should not be going in there with Chuck Schumer and saying oh yeah, yeah we’re gonna make this deal where five thousand illegal aliens, not migrants, cross the border every damn day so you can get 60 billion dollars over to Zelensky, the most corrupt president in the world right now because Ukraine is not the 51st state,” she said.

“Every day Mike Johnson gets closer and closer to this deal brings me closer and closer to vacating the chair because I have absolutely had it,” Greene stated.

The America First lawmaker’s comments come after she had previously declared that “the honeymoon is over” regarding the new speaker who some House members already feel has been a major failure.

“Washington has been lying to the American people about the success of funneling billions to Ukraine,” Rep. Greene wrote on X after the Bannon interview. “It’s time to STOP funding this corrupt war and focus on problems here at home.”

“American taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to fund the murder of young Ukrainian men to line the pockets of the military industrial complex,” she added.

Chris Donaldson


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