Mugshot of wanted convicted burglar goes viral, but cops are ticked over responses

Authorities hoping to get a lead on nabbing a convicted burglar on the loose in the United Kingdom got an unexpected reaction from the public.

West Yorkshire Police reportedly ended up disabling the comments on a Twitter post that shared the mugshot of an English man recently released from prison. Jonathan Cahill is “wanted on recall to prison,” according to a statement by local authorities posted last week.

The 37-year-old was being recalled to prison after he served part of a sentence for burglary, but reportedly had “breached the terms of his release,” according to the West Yorkshire Police.

“Officers are continuing enquiries to locate Cahill, who is described as being of medium build and approximately six feet tall,” the statement read. “Anyone who can assist in locating him is asked to contact police in Wakefield on 101 or by using the contact options on the West Yorkshire Police website.”

But the appeal soon racked up thousands of unanticipated responses, going viral as many dubbed him the “fit felon,” and forcing police to disable comments on Twitter, Fox News reported.

Though police are reportedly still on the hunt for Cahill, it seems they are not the only ones.

“Purely in the interests of helping the police bring him to justice I will let him come break my back doors in and tie him to the bed until they arrive,” one woman tweeted.

“What’s his crime … breaking hearts or houses?” asked June Brown, according to YorkshireLive which noted some of the comments to the initial post from police.

“Ooft talk about a fit felon!” wrote one smitten Twitter user.

“Should be easy to find, half the women in West Yorkshire will be chasing him after reading these comments,” another wrote.

“What’s his crime breaking hearts or houses?” asked another.

Some reportedly dubbed Cahill “Yorkshire’s very own Jeremy Meeks,” referring to the “hot felon” who was arrested in June 2014 on weapons charges in Stockton, Calif. Meeks not only captured the hearts of admirers when his mugshot was posted on Facebook, he eventually landed a modeling contract.

Frieda Powers


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