Musk dishes on the one thing ‘traditional journalists’ do not like and are ‘pretty mad’ about

Rubbing salt in the wounds of corporate media, Elon Musk racked up millions of views pointing out what has made traditional journalists “pretty mad.”

Since the billionaire’s purchase of the platform formerly called Twitter, the curtain has been pulled back on the stranglehold that Big Tech and the federal government have tried to maintain on the flow of information, effectively eroding the ground beneath narrative-wielding members talking heads fancying themselves gatekeepers.

After days of network-leading personalities tripping over themselves to combat the clear as day reality of President Joe Biden’s latest senior moments, the Tesla CEO and self-declared free speech absolutist racked up over 36 million views in roughly a day’s time reposting comments he’d made in 2023 about what the press doesn’t like.

“Now, the thing that a lot of traditional journalists don’t like is they don’t like being put on the same platform as the average citizen,” he said during a talk with Linda Yaccarino during the POSSIBLE Miami conference prior to naming her CEO of X Corp. “They don’t like their voice being the same.”

“They’re pretty mad about that,” Musk stated matter-of-factly.

“I think it’s very important to elevate citizen journalism. I think it’s very important to hear the voice of the people, the actual voice of the people, not the filtered voice of the people,” he went on in the clip. “And let the people choose the narrative and let the people determine the truth — and not five editors-in-chiefs of major publications.”

“Do you wanna know what’s really going on or do you want their opinion?” the billionaire asked. “It’s a handful of people.”

“I think we want to know the voice of the people, the true voice of the people,” he determined.

The clip shared by Musk came hours before former President Donald Trump took the stage at a campaign rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he decried how the White House and corporate media were covering President Joe Biden’s “mishaps” as fake.

“They say the fake news covered him in a fake manner,” remarked the GOP leader who went on to contend, “All we want them to do is be honest, ’cause they’re all going out of business. Nobody believes them anymore.”

Similarly, after Dr. Anthony Fauci testified at a congressional hearing at the beginning of the month where Democrats fawned over his career and particularly his work on the Coronavirus Task Force, network appearances allowed the retired bureaucrat to massage the partisan message the Republicans were conspiracy theorists and the response to COVID was not the unmitigated disaster for the country that everyone had lived through.

Reactions to Musk’s words emphasized the import of the free flow of reliable information and facts for the public to make their own decisions, as one user suggested, “The rise of citizen journalism will save humanity by taking the power away from the establishment. As legacy media continues to fall, more truth continues to be shared. Free speech rules.”

Kevin Haggerty


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